Thursday, May 24, 2007

Between Iraq and a Hard Peace

The Democrats finds themselves in a corner of their own making. They first alienated conservatives by imposing a withdrawal timetable, this was followed by them larding on the monetary pork which outraged people who voted Democrat last November to toss greedy Republicans out, then they tried to outlast President Bush and shoved even more people into the anti-Democrat crowd - hence their approval rating of a measly 29%, and now they have inflamed their own side with the removal of the timetables.
Where can Reid and Pelosi go now? To shore up their agenda? What else will they betray for a short term gain? Will they switch to the Republican party just to get re-elected? I would not put it past them to think voters are that dumb. Which says buckets on why they should not be in leadership positions. Bill Clinton can pull this kind of stuff off because he is such a good schmoozer, Reid and Pelosi are bush league in comparison.


Tom said...

Although Hillary has been working real hard on her soft-shoe recently...

Anna said...

Perhaps, but she still sounds like she is tap-dancing with combat boots on.