Thursday, May 24, 2007

Keyhole View

I used to hear the adage that politics is the art of the possible. Recently Democrats in the House and Senate came to their senses on an important matter. After 100 plus days of failure in their quagmire to micromanage the war and force the United States to withdraw; they admitted defeat, redeployed, and seem willing to send to President Bush a 'pressingly' urgent suplemental funding bill now stripped of withdrawl time tables and maybe pork barrel projects.

Alas some in the Democratic Party are not happy over this. As some Los Angeles Times readers clearly show in their letters to the newspaper.
  • A Democratic Congress was elected in November with a clear message to get us out of Iraq. - Eleanor Cohen
  • We Democrats need bold, consistent leadership to withhold all tax dollars until our president, the only person responsible for the safety of our troops, signs legislation with a clear program for withdrawal. - Kelly Hayes-Raitt
  • And just like that, I'm no longer a Democrat. Looks like we've replaced the rubber-stamp Republicans with the rubber-spine Democrats. - Peter Magill
When did November become a clarion call on retreat? I seem to recall the endless drumbeat over a 'culture of corruption' and of 'we have a plan' but never any outright calls of withdrawl leading up to that sea change in Congress. It was only after November that the Democrats actually tried to act on their secretly whispered plans, the plans they never uttered in public least the average voter react in outrage and keep the Republicans in office. So now that they have had to backtrack on their obstructionism, they are paying the price among their base. Here lies the perils of one issue politics, it is akin to peering through a keyhole and thinking that is the whole world you are seeing.

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