Monday, April 16, 2007

We Are All VT Alumni

Cartoon by Gary Varvel. - added 10:58pm.

I am shocked and very saddened by the tragic events in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Thirty two people with so much of their lives to live have had those lives tragically cut short. The depraved person whom authorities think is the sole perpetrator of these evil acts has committed suicide and is facing higher justice.

This is not the time to second guess and finger point. To run wildly at the mouth speculating with nothing to support it. I could be a complete prat and spout off things but I shall not, not on this day.

There are many families who are still wondering if their children or brothers or sisters or cousins or even parents are among the fallen. Then there are the friends who are wondering who among them are dead.
Lets keep all of them in our prayers and let them know they are not alone.


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Anna said...

As time goes by and people find out who lived, more details are coming out. Campus police were investigating the first murdered woman's boyfriend because the roommate said he had firearms and he was from another school. So while they went through the procedures to track down the byfriend, Cho slipped out of his drom room and entered Norris Hall to continue killing.

Unless the police are equipped with the pre-cog scanners as seen in Minority Report, I do not see how the campus police could have acted differently given the information they had.

It is always easier to second guess with 20/20 hindsight than to be the person who has to deal with the event right then.