Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Horatio At The Bridge

Amidst all the speculation and second guessing Fox News is broadcasting, they ran something from Virginia Tech that I hope turns out true.

In Norris Hall a professor held the classroom door closed while students escaped out windows. On the other side of the door was the killer. The professor was killed but the students did get out. The story says the professor was a Holocaust survivor and yesterday in Israel was Holocaust Memorial Day.

I wish I could have known this professor who willingly ran towards danger to save other lives. I am reminded of a Jewish proverb, "He who saves a life, saves a world." This professor saved many worlds yesterday. I hope this story turns out to be true.

Update - via Michelle Malkin: The professor in question was Liviu Librescu. He was 75 years old and came from Romania via Israel. He bodily blocked the gunman while his students escaped and paid for that bravery with his life.


Mike's America said...

That's a sad but uplifting story. Thank you for sharing it. I hadn't seen it.

It's amazing how glorious the human spirit is that a man will lay down his life in the face of evil to save others.

Anna said...

You are welcome Mike.

I think VT needs a statue of this guy. Just standing there resolutely looking evil straight in the eye. This is the only 'rush' thing I would like to see happen.

The greatest thank you though will be the lives he saved and what those people make of their redeemed lives.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

It will be neat to hear these stories as they come out. Whenever an evil event happens there is always some good that triumphed in the midst of it.

That was what was so powerful about Columbine. Several of the victims were Christians who stood strong in their faith in the midst of the terror.

Thanks for doing a post on this. I always like to focus on the good, not the evil.

Anna said...

Dee, thank those who ran towards danger. Another miraculous tale is the student who used his training to staunch the bleeding caused by Cho's bullet striking his femoral artery. That man is now alive because he kept his head.