Wednesday, April 18, 2007


To show Cho's self indulgent manifesto of evil, I have to say NBC has sunk to a level even lower than that belonging to used car salesmen, the National Enquirer, and politicians. It would be akin to giving airtime to the Unabomber or Timothy McVeigh or Jeffrey Dahmer.

We already have idiots who try to replicate the stupidity shown in the Jackass movies. Children cartoons are regulated to such an extent that the consequences of Wile Coyote's hare-brained schemes are censored for fear of luring a child to try and replicate the scene. But NBC can air this?

NBC will try to dress this up by saying they are trying to present the full story. But what it will prove is a rating bonanza which means NBC in turn can charge more money for every second of commercial time. Unless a painful message, called boycott, is delivered to advertisers and NBC shareholders that NBC crossed a line by showing this sick and evil film, people at NBC will pat themselves on the back.

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