Monday, April 16, 2007

DeLay Speaks about the Pelosi-crats

Former Texas Representative Tom DeLay has some commentary on the current drift of the Democratic controlled Congress. And we are not talking arboreal drift either, but the drift that comes from being rudderless.

One detects a pattern that speaks to one underlying truth: Elite, insular, liberal Democrats are ill-equipped to govern the United States, because where they really want to govern is France.

Last November, Democrats ran without an agenda and thus won without a mandate. Everything they do to satisfy some liberal constituency group, every item they cross off their agenda, will simply be another nail in the coffin of their majority.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I love Tom Delay!!

Anna said...

I think Tom DeLay is becoming more effective outside the Capitol building than he was while inside it.

'Govern France' is a zinger up there with Zell's spitball comment.