Monday, December 11, 2006

Wrong Target Dip-Wads

Wonderful what these preening useless nimrods [ yes I know the connotations] waste their time doing in service to their religion, the Church of the Perpetually Outraged Communist Loving Boot-Lickers.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is bringing allegations to the DoD IG that certain members of the military are pushing radical Christianity within the military. The MRFF has existed for less than a year and was created by a lawyer named Michael Weinstein.

"When we're facing a global war on terror against what we call Islamic extremists, it certainly doesn't help when we have apparently a viewpoint from the cognoscenti and glitterati, the leadership of the Pentagon, pushing a particular virulent worldview down the throats of people who are helpless to argue against it," Weinstein said.

I wonder if Gen. Catton likes to be called glitterati? Reading the Washington Post article by Alan Cooperman, what it sounds like is Christian Embassy put together a video of people in the Pentagon speaking canddily about how thier faith helps them in their lives and then forgot to put in the boilerplate disclaimer that these people were speaking for themselves, that in no way could these comments be taken as official DoD policy.

So now Weinstein has mailed a letter to the IG asking that these officers be investigated for fear they might be a cabal of radical evangelical Christians forcing their beliefs down other people's throats. Right, have any of these radical Christians tossed grenades into the tents of their sleeping comrades Weinstein? No, but a SGT Ackbar - of the radical Islamic faith -did; killing two men and trying to kill others.

Reuters quotes a Melinda Morton in their story proving there is such discrimination. But wait lets look at the Army Times list of founders/advisors of the MRFF. Well there is Rev. MeLinda Morton, ELCA Lutheran. Huh, a bit of conflict there that Reuters fails to mention.

Digging further the animus of this effort becomes clearer. Weinstein has been battling the Air Force over overt Christian preaching at the Academy where both of Weinstein's sons have gone. Speaking as a Catholic, those who were at the Academy pushing the line all non-Christians are going to roast in Hades are plain wrong since they are taking upon themselves to judge. Morton was a chaplain at the Academy and brought in some others from Yale Divinity School and suddenly there was talk of this perceived radicalization. Wow. But what Weinstein, Morton, and their supporters want is just as wrong.

REV. TED HAGGARD: We are woefully amiss if we go down the trail of saying under the banner of freedom of religion it means we're protected from being exposed to anyone else's religion. That's not good. It's not right. It's not good for the world, and it's certainly not good for America. But, instead, people need to be exposed to one another.
It's good for an Islamic leader to persuade me. And it's good for a Jewish rabbi to try to persuade me and it's good for me to try to persuade a Jewish rabbi, and then we all go out and have a meal together. That's the spice of America.

Unless something more concrete comes out about this ie a concerted effort by people to make the US military such radical Christians, I think Weinstein is making a storm our of a stiff breeze.

Also take a look at the other founders of the MRFF are. Col. Klass seems to be a beltway bandit since the 1990's. Then there is Richard Schlossberg, former CEO and publisher of the LA Times and Denver Post. Smita Singh works for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which is big on climate change, planned parenthood, and other issues. Rev. Kristen Leslie, Yale Divinity School, who lead the Yale team at the Air Force Academy and has taught such classes as Feminist Liberation and Feminist Pastoral Theologies. So there is more to this than what the initial Reuters article implies. More like a jihad against Christianity. Again.


Anna said...

If that's true, why would the Navy Chaplain (who is an evangelical Christian) be fined for praying while wearing his uniform? He attended a function at the White House and said a prayer and was fined for it!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

This is such a shame. I did some missionary work in Puerto Rico on a naval base years ago and the military are needy people in many ways. The long separations create many marital and family problems and these people need to be ministered to and to hear the message of faith. Its sad that the wishes of a few atheists are once again being forced on the community as a whole.

Anna said...

Anna, I think I understand what you are saying. A military chaplin got fined for praying while in uniform at the White House? Dang when did this happen? Helps negate Weinstein's contention does it not?

LMC, exactly. The chaplins have been there to help the soldiers and their families deal with the deprivations/hardships military service can bring.

My reading of this situation is, these people are attempting to apply that 'Seperation of Chruch and State' mantra to the military now. To telling every service member to be quiet about their faith least they hurt the feelings of someone else. Which will bring more hardship upon military families while dressing it up in nice language.