Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nurse Diesel Gets Another Headache

The voters of the New Orelans area, the 2nd Congressional District, have spoken.

Rep. William 'Cool Cash' Jefferson has defeated his state Democratic Party endorse opponent state Rep. Karen Carter in a run-off election.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation of Rep. Jefferson is still on-going. It will be interesting how House Majority Leader Pelosi will handle Jefferson since she has already stripped him of his seat on the House Ways and Means Committee. What kind of committee will he get? He campaigned on his rcord of 'effectiveness' in the House, if he is kept out how will his voters feel in two years? How will the Congressional Black Caucus feel as yet another member is kept on the sidelines by Pelosi?

I predict these next two years for House Majority Leader Pelosi are only going to get more interesting.


Anna said...

Well, N.O. did re-elect Nagin, so I'm not too sure about their judgment!

Anna said...

Louisiana seems to always offer the voter either the worse candidate competing against the second worst. Or two equally bad candidtates. Rarely does a Jindal show up to prove there is still a smidgen of hope.

Nagin and Jefferson, two peas in a rotten pod.