Friday, December 29, 2006


Well the much vaunted, by pundits like CAIR, Islamic Councils that infested Somalia have turned tail and vanished. The UN backed interim government, with the support of Ethiopia, has taken possesion of Mogadishu, which was supposed to have been the last bastion of the 'victorious' jihadi scum. Alas the jihadis vanished in the night like curs leaving strongpoints unmanned.

Still need to rebuild Somalia into something resembling a country, but maybe it canbe possible now that many people in that ravaged country have gotten an introduction at the concept of a fundamentalist Islamic state. May this attempt at nation building in Somalia succeed where previous ones have failed.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I think this is one of the most under-reported event in media, in terms of possible significance.

Anna said...

When not under-reported, mis-reported. Like all the writers saying before the sudden fall of Mogadishu there will be a replay of the American nightmare from 1993. So far has not happened.

Now the interim Somali government is trying to consolidate its gains while Ethiopia's troops stay for another two weeks. The reporters are also missing the full mission of the US Navy as it patrols off the coast of Somalia. Not only will they interdict any jihadis trying to flee, the US Navy will also be able to interdict any new fighters and supplies coming by sea.

I seem to remember a US destroyer USS Winston Churchill intercepting pirates in this area. So attacks on shipping/cruise ships just may decline once Somalia stabilizes more. LEts all wish and help Somalia become a robust man and no longer the sick man of Africa.