Friday, December 29, 2006

Who Has Saddam?

Well the reports and counter-reports are bouncing all over.

Either the US still has Saddam closeted away or he has already been turned over to Iraqi authority. Either way his time is limited. Fox News was talking about the US being fearful that once he was turned over to the Iraqis' there might be an asassination attempt. Actually I would worry if someone freed Saddam. Think about the political black eye that would cause on top of him being on the loose, after all some of his family is still free in another country. And look towards Iran if Saddam got loose or was assasinated, they win either way.

For a tangent. What does hanging entail? Fox was focusing on this earlier, why I have no clues except it panders to some market segment I guess. If done properly, it should be a clean snap breaking the neck. Assuming the rope is of the proper length without any stretch that is. If the rope does have stretch then poor Saddam just may flail while dangling until he suffocates. Lets hope the Iraqi government does it properly, after all we are not the monster Saddam is.

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