Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democratic Victory

What a tumulteous night this has been. Or perhaps the beginning of a long, strange, trying journey.

It looks like the Democratic Party will control the House of Representatives come this January while falling just shy of taking control of the Senate. To say I am dissapointed is a bit of an understatement but now is the time to move forward. To pray that the Democrats will have the wisdom to do the smart things and not the attention grabbing show-boating they have been doing these past six years. Voters have told them: you have two years to prove your ideas are better than the Republicans so now put up a plan or sit down.

I do not want to see deer in headlights look now they have control. I do not want to see in real life Democrats floundering while wailing to the media they have no clues as to what to do except try to impeach President Bush and use arbitrary redeployment phase lines to pull out of Iraq. They say they can do better, then they better live up to that promise.

The Democrats have the chance to prove themselves these two years. But if they go all out for the extreme solutions then in two years time they will be out of power again. Assuming the mainland is left alone during these two years. If that happens, all bets are off. America can no longer hide behind the ocean barriers, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 proved that and so does the global commerce that keeps the United States running.

The Democrats are up at bat and its in all Americans' interest they don't hit a foul ball. Even in the world's interest.


Mike's America said...

so many new Democrats were elected to congress as so-called "conservatives." Yet, they will vote for Nazi Pelosi as Speaker?

It's a tough day, but two years from now, when the conservatives in Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia realize what their vote for candidate "X" really meant, I hope they rethink that decision.

Van Helsing said...

Dems will do what they've been doing: obstruct anything Bush tries to accomplish. That pretty much summarizes their platform.

Anna said...

Well hopefully the new crop will be a bit more restrained than the crop currently celebrating on the Capitol steps. Be interesting if gratitude will be enough to put Pelosi as Speaker. She may have ruffled too many feathers these past two years. The caucus is where Pelosi will either emerge victorious or upon her shield.

I am not sure what Rumsfeld and President Bush were doing today. I think they were trying to show some flexibility, but so soon after the elections all it will do is encourage the moral/mental pygmies of the Democrat controlled House to do a pile on upon Bush.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

"To say I am dissapointed is a bit of an understatement..."
That says it all!!!

Anna said...

LMC, I had to attempt to find 'some' humour. :)