Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Started

It has not taken twenty-four hours for the bubbling giddy gleeful hand-rubbing vengenance of the newly empowered Democrats to rear its head. Heaven save the Union from folly.

Update 20061109.
Unless the new crop of Democrats and Sen. Joe Leiberman stop them, the next two years will be nothing but investigations. Murtha and his ilk are coming not to bury Ceaser but to dismember Ceaser in all ways possible. Hang the consequences to the nation as a whole.

A timetable to withdraw from Iraq. Either the violence will literally explode as the impatient celebrate the impending withdrawl or they will lay low until the last American soldier pulls out before trying to conquer Iraq. If the central government of Iraq is not strong enough, will Syria and Iran make a play to run the country by invasion? South VietNam fell when the Democrats cut off funding and North VietNam invaded with a regular army and tanks. Which leads to the next bit of derision.

They talk of increasing the number of special forces; that is to laugh. It will take more than two years to train up those needed extra forces. That is assuming the US military will get the needed volunteers to join a military that just lost in Iraq. The military will descend into another nadir of unpreparedness even as the threat grows.

And do these people even think of what this arbitrary pull-out will do with the US image worldwide? Sure the UN popped champagne when it learned the Democrats took control. Thats a good thing how? Oh right, to the Democrats the UN peacekeeping forces pass the global test on such things as looking the other way as genocides happen while they run their own brothels. It will be Saigon, Beirut, Mogadishu, and southern Iraq all over again and no one will trust the promises of the US to stick by them.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

That cartoon is awesome and I agree with all you've said. Its really, really sad when the enemy is glad you took power. You'd think the democrats would realize there is something wrong with that picture but they won't.

Anna said...

Cartoon comes from 1992, the last time the Democrats were so giddy, gay, and excited. We know what happened two years later.

They are stuck on stupid, stuck on having power no matter what. And here we are.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

That cartoon is awesome, indeed.

....and I hope the Dems get cavities!