Monday, November 06, 2006

Sore Losers

We are in the home stretch for what are normally boring mid-term elections. Just hours to go before the polls officially open while the absentee ballots flow in.

One party, while besieged by scandals real and manufactured and fighting a war, hopes to hold on to slim majorities in both the House and Senate. Santorum in PA is looking to be a squeaker. Burns, in spite of selling his vote, is also in a squeaker. While in Connecticut, the GOP candidate is merely a spectator akin to Banquo's ghost as Lieberman pummels the erstwhile Democratic candidate Lamont. One House race where the Democrats were sure to pick up a seat, Foley's in Florida, has turned tight as the GOP replacement runs a good campaign.

The other party has been positively giddy the past few weeks, eagerly rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation of assuming control of at least the House. With old media shills pushing everything in America as a failure, Pelosi has started to refer to herself as Speaker Pelosi while other cohorts are measuring drapes. While an impeached scoundrel named Hastings stands ready to be placed in charge of the House Intelligence Committee if the Democrats do take control of the House. In Texas, due to lawyering, it looks like the Democrats might pick up DeLay's seat.

What matters now is how the last minute surprises will affect the undecided. Looking at the Pew data in their latest poll, the Democrats will need to pull out some serious surprises since John Kerry insulted the intelligence of everyone who has served or is serving in the military. The New York Times just ran a scare piece about how the Bush Administration has helped rogues to build nuclear weapons by placing Iraqi and UN documents of the Iraqi WMD program online. Now Vanity Fair has launched their own drive by mugging and in the process shows how truly unethical they are; in fact it shows how they lack any journalistic integrity as they butcher a piece written by Rose by cutting&pasting his writings and quotes to support their view of things, not Rose's or the likes of David Frum, Richard Perle, or Rubin who was boots on the ground in Iraq.

And if these surprises do not sway people back into being Bloc voting Democrats, well there other arrows in the Democratic quiver. In the Buckeye state some 'progressives' are trying to infiltrate the GOP vote drive to sabotage it. In Missouri a group called ACORN is under investigation for submitting thousands of false voter registrations. Other 'progressives' plan to only document local voting stations with video cameras. There are twelve activation cards used on electronic voting machines that are missing. Plus the likes of Pelosi already saying there is voter fraud happening, even before the polls open as a sort of pre-emptive strike so they can deploy lawyers to contest everything once the ballots are counted and seats they thought they had sewn up go Independent or Republican. Then there are the age old tricks like what happened in 2004 when members of a local Democratic Party slashed the tires of vans rented by the local GOP to assist voters into getting to the polls.

All this shows is a naked contempt for the average American by these 'progressives.' They assume any who do not share their thoughts must be browbeaten to their point of view or kept from voting or heaven forbid those tactics fail to use the legal system to thwart the obvious will of the voters. For deity's sake, do not vote such spiteful mean-spirited people into office because their actions prove how unworthy they are of any public trust. They are sore losers who need to grow up.


Anna said...

If the Dems lose, you know they will blame voter fraud, despite the fact that they are the party notorious for people rising from the dead to vote Democratic and they are the ones that didn't want the military ballots verified in '04.

Anna said...

They do have a history of it. Lyndon 'Landslide' Johnson comes to mind. One stuffed ballot box and he got into the Senate. We know the rest of the story.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The New York Times just ran a scare piece about how the Bush Administration has helped rogues to build nuclear weapons by placing Iraqi and UN documents of the Iraqi WMD program online.

Yeah, and isn't it just peachy how they weren't so concerned about leaking national security before, when it actually made the Bush Administration look incompetent. And now they have a problem with it?! Because what...the Saddam documents actually supports what a danger to the world he really was?

Mike's America said...

The big day is here. And I hope every one gets out and VOTES!

When you do, remember there is a difference between the two parties. The GOP, with all it's faults is going to do MORE to keep the country safe, taxes low and the economy chugging along.

Whatever the outcome, I hope it is a fair contest and not marred by any further irregularities by Democraps!

RightWingRocker said...

More importantly, Mike - The GOP will do LESS to increase the amount of unconstitutional socialism coming out of Washington.

I wish the difference on that were more significant.


Anna said...

Well the voters have spoken. Though with the likes of Menendez from the Garden State in the Senate I just don't know.

All I know is I did my civic duty and ovted.