Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Interesting news

Gas prices are dropping where I live. Just two weeks ago was hovering just shy of $3/gallon. Now after Labor Day weekend, I am seeing prices of $2.39/gallon or less for 87 octane springing up everywhere. Mr Supply meet Mr. Demand, unfortunately many Democrats have never understood that concept. And after screaming loudly that Big Oil was in a cabal with Vice President Cheney and Bushy McHitler to become obscenely rich during the higher gas prices, are strangely silent now. Too bad they can't keep their mouths shut as they chase the limelight.

Speaking of people chasing the limelight, lets look at that once proud flagship of the liberal elites Air America. After Arbitron found no discernible audience in DC, scamming philanthropic organizations of money, and running pledge drives that promised Al Frankin appearances at children birthday parties; Air America is filling for financial bankruptcy. Which should match their intellectual bankruptcy.

For moral bankruptcy, lets all turn to California where the campaign team of Democrat Phil Angelides admitted to 'finding' on the Governor's public web-site an audio clip where Schwarzenegger apparently referred to a California Assemblywoman's hot nature and then leaking it to the Los Angeles Times. The California Highway Patrol is investigating since it appears an external IP address accessed a private password protected area of the web-site. This might constitute computer hacking which could get the Federal government involved, Kevin Mitnick you might want to call Angelides to offer advice. Bonnie Garcia, the subject of the Governor's comment had this to say, ' I absolutely see it as an attempt by a fledging (Phil) Angelides campaign on its last leg trying to gain political traction from this.'

Just three more reasons why Democrats like Dean, Reid, Durbin, Murtha, Pelosi, and all the Kennedys should not be allowed near any kind of political power.

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