Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Deadly Fools*

* which rhymes with Tools.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs was introduced to this article in FrontPage magazine. What a 'charming' group of youths on vacation. Not.

Ones like Gabi, Magan, 'Anna,' and Alan do know what they are doing, even as they 'play' at being a PLO terrorist armed with an AK-47. They are supporting, aiding, and abetting gunmen who think nothing of blowing up a pizzeria full of children. They are the enemy and should be treated as such. Tried, convicted, and then locked into a little cell for 23 hours a day for 100 years so everyone including their families forget who they are.

And as the authors state, the United States and Israel need to tighten up their entry control procedures to thwart more of these terrorist enablers from making it into Hamas/Fatah controlled areas.

On a personal note I wonder how 'Anna' or Magan would like it if I accused them of usurping the lands of Native Americans and I was going to violently agitate for all Native American's Right of Return. Even if it meant 'Anna' and Maga being physically harmed? According to their twisted world view they must submit to my demands or they will be just like Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. But their world view is so twisted, logical consistency is probably a foreign concept to them. Just lock them up and throw away the keys. I refuse to stoop to their level of nihilistic barbarism.


Mike's America said...

Why we don't enforce the relevant laws prohibiting the terrorist financing aspects of the ISM operation is beyond me.

Does anyone really think that looking the other way when a group of Americans is brainwashed into becoming Jihadis is a good idea?

The Americans participating in this aren't just useful idiots, though they clearly ARE idiots. They are dangerous.

Rosie O'Donnell who recently compared opined that fundamentalist Christians are just as bad as Islamic fascists also hates guns. What do you bet she has no problem with this crap?

Anna said...

Of course Rosie has not a problem with it. She is safely tucked away in Hollyweird. Far from reality. So to her George Bush is a greater threat than fanatical Islam and its execution of anyone that does not follow the Wahabi way of living.

Some of these deadly fools are from Europe. So they are lethal trans-national fascist tools.

And notice the only one holding the AK-47 properly was the covert agent.