Monday, September 04, 2006


Some are arguing that the United States' anti-ballistic missile defense systems are not a viable series of systems since it has not shown itself 100% effective.

If we take this reasoning and apply them to other common things, it becomes frightening how dangerous the world becomes.

  1. We would need to pull all of the drugs that fight HIV since they are not 100% effacious against HIV.
  2. SmithKline's new vaccine against cervical cancer, in trials, looks to cut the number and cases of death from this by 76%. Not a success since it is not 100% effective.
  3. Penicillin would have to be recalled because some people are allergic to it and die.
  4. Peanuts, hazel nuts, cashews, almonds, and walnuts would have to be pulled from the store shelves because of some people's allergic reactions.
  5. Better recall all automobiles since air-bags and seat-belts are not 100% effective in saving lives in an accident.
  6. Also better stop using bicycles since there is a chance of a fatal tumble off the bike. Same goes in spades for airplanes and motorcycles.
  7. AH-64 and M-1 were claimed to be failures before Desert Storm because their service rates were not 100%.

I think I will stop now, but this proves how absurd this defeatist argument is. Those who use this argument want free people of the world to be held hostage by the mad little Elvis dwarf with bad hair in Pyongyang and Amadjihadi with the pinky-ring in Tehran, just like they wanted the West held hostage to the old USSR's vast arsenal of ICBMs and SS-20s when President Reagan first proposed SDI.

SDI and its successors are defensive measures meant to protect people but Lil Kim il-Ding-Dong, in the inverted reality he lives in, views this as provocation. Of course for him and his TD-2 phallic symbols it is a provocation because it renders his nuclear desires irrelevant just as his kingdom is irrelevant in 99% of all other things.


Bubblehead said...

Good point!

Anna said...

Thank you, but it annoys me greatly when facts are twisted deliberately to support a fallacious theory.

The only thing that approaches 100% effective is the US Navy nuclear program. And to achieve it took lots of time[decades], money[billions of dollars], and certainly effort[thousands of man-hours] to make it a reality. All things opponents of SDI want to deny to SDI.

RightWingRocker said...

Hey, while we're at it let's get rid of all this socialism! After all, there are still poor people so no one could say it was 100% effective.

Talk about failure.


Mike's America said...

This has been the story of every major defensive system. There is always a political movement out there looking to kill it. And the reason they give is that the system doesn't live up to it's requirements.

The truth is, that many people pushing this line are more interested in blocking every defense expenditure. Period!

They would put us all at the mercy of our enemies while counting on the UN to keep the peace.

Talk about an outfit that isn't 100% effective.

The UN is 100% defective.

Anna said...

RWR, under Abject Failure we will find Socialism defined. :)

Mike, exactly. Lets perform a recall petition on the UN. So they can take their bribes and massage parlors to the rest of the world.