Saturday, September 02, 2006

Guard the Borders

President Fox of Mexico was prevented from delivering his last State of the Nation by allies of the losing Presidential candidate Obrador.

As they chant 'Every vote!' one must remember Obrador lost by over 250,000 votes to Calderon. In the article they are blaming Fox for this impasse. They are wrong. It is Obrador and his apparatchiks that are creating this crisis by ignoring the will of the people they so glibly say they represent. This proves they are liars, all they want is power at any cost. Even if they plunge Mexico into turmoil.

What impact will this have on the United States? Our southern border is still very porous. Unrest or even revolution in Mexico could ratchet up the exodus of people north. While local Mexican governments will be beseiged by various factions so lawlessness will increase. Which means we just might see another punative expedition south of the border if this lawlessness spills over to American border towns.


Mike's America said...

Isn't this the same thing we are coming to in this country? What was the 2004 result in Ohio that decided the Presidential race? About 120,000 votes?

What were seeing is the attempt to overturn the democratic process by false allegations and fraud.

That tendency knows no borders.

Anna said...

They are so addicted to weilding power they prove how unfit they are because they can not control their urges. And hence must be opposed by all citizens who want a properly running government.