Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wither Lebanon?

Lets see the cease-fire might be holding. Though the Israelis just launched a commando raid which has ticked off what passes for a central government in Lebanon. I use that term 'central government' advisedly since these politicians appear to be insane.

Hizbollah has stymied the deployment of the Lebanese Army south of the Litani. Whether this force will disarm Hizbollah is very much in doubt. Meanwhile a Lebanese general is in hot water for having a spot of tea with his Israeli captors, which is sending the message to others in Lebanon that Hizbollah is really running things. And Hariri, who should be singing hosanas that Syria did not get involved, is castigating the country that murdered his father for not doing anything while Israel pound Syrian proxies. Lebanon, which was once a pretty nice place to live, has turned into a country called Chicagoland where gangs run the government to the detriment of the average citizen.

Oh lets look at the UN peace-keeping force while we are at it. Or should I say what peace-keeping force? First France stated the disarming of Hizbollah would have to be political. Now those galling Gauls have developed a severe case of cold-feet by balking at deploying more than oh fifty soldiers to Lebanon. I guess there is not enough of the proper 'entertainment' inside the Green Line for the French troops. The shortage of troops is so vexing it has forced the UN to plead for troops. I am awaiting all the UN-crats to start canvassing their usual haunts for volunteers, which means there might be an explosion in the number of kiddy porn rings run out of UN compounds across the globe.

Inside Israel it looks like Olmert is about to topple for mis-handling the action in southern Lebanon. Rumours that Netanyahu will become the next leader are already floating about. If Benjamin Netanyahu does become the new Prime Minister, then the thugs in Hamas and Hizbollah will wish Olmert was still in charge. Because Netanyahu will push them into caves or into the sea to kill them.

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Mike's America said...

Meanwhile, the rearming of Hezbollah is proceeding apace. I doubt the Israeli raid did much to stop it. And we know that good ole Kofi Annan is off to Syria and Iran next week.

I wonder if Kofi will bring up the issue of the Iranian plane loaded with missiles that we spotted on the runway in Teheran?