Saturday, August 19, 2006

Moonbat on a Plane

Passengers of Flight 923 got treated to a spectacle that should rival Samuel L. Jackson's latest cinematic masterpiece Snakes on a Plane. I await the optioning of this story

Instead of the usual inflight movie or perhaps plugging into the pre-recorded news channel, they got to see real life pathos. Real life drama. They got to see a stark raving lunatic in full moon-flower bloom.

It seems a passenger by the name of Mayo, methinks she was left out on the counter too long and spoiled, got a wee bit agitated. She would pace the aisle mumbling it seems. What was it she mumbled about? Well not how her cat chewed up her geraniums or how darling her grandkids are. Not even talk about the Hindu Kush to which she was nearby. Oh no nothing so routine, all of her mumblings were about terror training flights and Osama's terror organization.

Naturally the passengers and crew were vexed and flumoxed by these outbursts but they remained calm until Mayo went too far. The woman dropped her bloomers, flashed the passengers with her Depends, and then proceeded to urinate in the aisle. This proved too much for people so she was quickly tackled and restrained. I guess the passengers did not appreciate the physical manifestation of this woman's mental incontinenance, who would be with that smell? Moonbat urine? Yuck! Eeewww! The flight had to land early while being escorted by two fighter planes naturally.

I guess the Federal prison system will have a new convict soon. And I bet that Ms. Mayo, at age 59, will still blame Georgie for all of her troubles. She has in the past claimed President Bush has censored all the protest music from the 1960s so why should the reality of her own actions landing her in jail shake up her delusion it's Georgie's fault? Maybe she needs to be sent to Arkham Asylum to hang out with the truly deranged like Poison Ivy and the Joker instead.


Mike's America said...

I've been wondering how long it would be before the political pathology of the left began it manifest itself.

I'm just surprised there are so few incidents like this.

atheling2 said...

Cindy Sheehan will be next, just wait... I wonder how she will top the incontinence act?

imdougandirule said...

What compassionate Christians you all are. Someone who clearly suffers from mental illness is a running joke to you? While it may have been inconvenient to all of the passengers, clearly someone who rants up and down the aisle , then drops their britches and urinates in public, on a plane no less, has issues that go beyond what anyone not in the psychiatric field can even fathom. Something I do not understand myself, however I have read prayers on your other sites and am just surprised to see the lack of compassion, and what appears to be enjoyment over the suffering of another. I guess that means that I am banned from this site.

atheling2 said...

imdougandirule (rule what?),

Perhaps you are right. I have little compassion for leftys who blow a gasket.

I save my compassion for murdered children (esp. the unborn) and innocents who are the targets of terrorists, not those who support the murderers.

imdougandirule said...

How about anyone who is murdered? Anger, fear, and revenge are very Old Testament. The New Testament teaches us about compassion and tolerance. Unconditional love. That was Christ's messsage to the world, wasn't it? Compassion should be felt for anyone who suffers regardless of their politcal views. Jesus did not surround himself with "Yes-men" or "preached to the choir" as it were. Rather he sought those who suffered, those who were not doing good, and talked to them about their lifestyles and showed them they could do better. Is that not what we should all do to honor him and his life?

Myrtus said...

Sorry Doug, you're missing the point regardless of the politics involved. Either that or you have no sense of humor.

imdougandirule said...


Mike's America said...

Doug: You can believe that warped and perverse understanding of Christianity all you want. You still live in a free country.

But please refrain from attempting to force your religious viewpoint down the throat of others.

I hear a lot of whining about how the religious right tries to do that... But then all the examples I find are of left wing fascists attempting to use religion to underpin their warped and perverse ideology.

P.S. Bilbray is going to wipe that illegal vote loving Francie Busboy up in the General election for Congress.... And the rest of your left wing fascist crew is going down (bye bye Lamont) too.