Saturday, August 19, 2006

Calling Mayor Dailey

In 1968 Mayor Dailey of Chicago coined one of the best slips of the tongue ever to describe police action during the Chicago Riots. "The policeman is there not to create disorder, but to maintain it."

Police in New Orleans were caught on tape looting stores during Katrina. Heck it seems it was something of a sport for the stalwart denziens of New Orleans to loot. Like a certain Wal-Mart that had remained dry. Instead of concentraiting on essentials for life like canned food, things like DVDs and computers were also carted off.

And unfortunately memebers of the Louisiana National Guard have become embroiled in the sordid life of looting and robbery. Two members are right now facing civil criminal charges of armed robbery for stealing money out of wallets while they were at a check-point in New Orleans. This past November two long time veterans of the National Guard were convicted by court-martial for loading up their Humvee with liquor stolen from a house in a gated community.

With the mis-deeds of the politicians - like earmarking money for a fairgrounds a month after Katrina instead of redirecting it to hurricane relief, criminal acts by the forces of order as listed above, and general lawlessness of the populace that has seen Houston, TX, crime rate soar almost 25% since taking in evacuees from New Orleans; one has to to wonder if the whole state of Louisiana needs to be allowed to stay in the Union or kicked out.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you really got that quote wrong. The correct quote is much more beautiful:

"The police aren't here to CAUSE disorder, they're here to PRESERVE disorder..."