Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is fidel pining?

All I can say is wait and see. See if fidel is like a cockroach, even at 80 years of age.

If we are very lucky, finally this time he is an ex-dictator who has shuffled off this mortal coil to face a higher court of justice for the thousands of lives he extinguished to slake his thirst for power.


Mike's America said...

Well the old butcher has to snuff it sooner or later. Hopefully, his brother Raul will follow soon after.

Anna said...

I hope he suffers painfully before his life leaves him.

Moonbat aka Pekka said...

Maybe it's for good when Fidel expires as long as "the good old days" with new Batista and Mafia will not be in the mix. Raul might not have that long time in power, though, and a damn civil war might be necessary to fill the expected power vacuum.

This could turn out to be a lucrative business oportunity for Red Anna in a form of arms and ammo sales. :}

Mike's America said...

Maybe we could just send Pekka down there before the end so he could experience the joys of Marxism first hand at a real gulag.

Anna said...

fidel is still on the sidelines while his brother, the erstwhile heir apparent, has yet to show his face. Perhaps they are both dead.

Pekka, ask the Americans down in Miami if they want a Batista to run Cuba. The answer would be 'What are you muy loco?' That is why fidel was able to overthrow Batista, no one could stand his corrupt being. It was fidel who betrayed the revolution and imprisoned an entire island.

As for the mafia, you mean the Cuban version that fidel himself help create in Florida? Or don't you remember the Mariel boatlift where fidel double-crossed President Carter by deporting all his hard core criminals along with the political refugees. Scarface was a Marielito if you saw that movie.

Why would I want to sell arms? fidel has enough weapons squirreled away he can afford to give Chavez some.

Mike, Pekka would not want to go to Havana unless it was at one of the European only beaches. Though if the Revolution came while Pekka was there, Pekka just might meet someone's 'little friend.'

moonbat aka pekka said...

I posted an comment last night, which hasen't shown up yet. So, here's another one for your reding "pleasure".

There are two Annas here and, being kind of slow on thinking department, it creates identity confusion.

My Batista reference is not to be taken literally. It is a possibility of just another, this time right-wing, dictator grabbing the power. That of course would scaresly be any better than what they have had there since the 50's. To get rid of the son of a bitch and replace him with a son of a bitch we can do business with is not going to change the lives of regular Joses and Marias. I am a man for the people (commie, pinko).

Mariel boatlift is edged in my memory and goes down as the one of the strangest international incidents ever. Yes, some of these hombres might be a force to be reconed later on.

We can agree mean while that, the future of that island is going to be iffy at best and damn right explosive at worst. One thing will be for sure, though, the population of Cuba will once again be paying a heavy price.

Although I look like a Greek god, I wouldn't use those for Europeans only beaches.:) I hate do the tourist things and am not to about to change. If those "little friends" you was talking about are bullets I shouldn't have anything to worry about because, let's not forget; I am one of them, a commie.