Tuesday, August 01, 2006

For Your Edda-fication

I know we all complain and wonder what people are thinking when they give creative names to their children. Last night I went trolling through one of the Icelandic Eddas because an SCA friend had selected their nom de plume from Burnt Njal Edda. I could not finish the whole Edda since its last chapter was CLVIII or something like that. Some of the names though are amusing until one remembers the sobriquets were earned by these people. So without further ado from this itinerant scribe here are some of the names.

Hellgerda of the sharp tongue. Think Alexis Carrington, except worse.
Bork the Waxy. I am not sure how to understand this one. Did he have a pompadour?
Hildigunna the Leech, their sister. Am sure some men think their wives are leeches. ^_^
Thorwald the Scurvy. Was he a scalawag? Seems that way.
Gundruna Nightsun. Most well bred of women. Two chapters later no longer a maiden. Oi

Of course my favorite of all the names I did stumble across has to be the following. I am in no way speculating on how he got this name. No way Jose!

Olaf the Peacock.

Special Mention for most obvious writing someone out of the story has to go to poor Hjorn.
And Hjorn maintained his friendship with Njal, and no longer appears in the story.

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