Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Jihadi Male

Oh what a fascinating creature the jihadi male is.

Since women tempt him he makes them wear form shrouding clothes.
Since it is a woman who makes him have sex with him, she must die.
If she is his daughter and loves someone not approved, then she dies.
To strike at men who are his enemy, he kills their women and children.
He will even use women of his faih to kill.

The jihadi male is a creature of the 7th Century and should be sent back to it. A violent dissatisfied annachronism that has no place in the 21st century.

Hopefully the Seattle thug who was so brave that he had to ambush a 13 year old girl to gain access to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle just to shot more women will get the rewards a homicidal coward deserves.


Anonymous said...

Does that surprise you? This seems to be the de rigueur actions of the vaulted Muslim warrior. Hide behind your women and children (Oh, and if they are killed, they were martyrs for the cause of Allah even if they didn't want to be), stab you in the back after crying for a cease fire, kill innocent women and children indiscriminately. The true meaning of the warrior code. What a bunch of chickenshits


Mike's America said...

How long will it be before Cindy Sheewitch starts a defense fund for the Seattle "freedom fighter?"

Barry said...

You hit the nail right on the head!

Anna said...

Not allowed to call him Islamic or Muslim because that would be politically incorrect. He was just a poor confused man upset over what was happening in his homeland. He didn't realize what he was doing...

Yeah, right, bite me.

Anna said...

In court why even bring religion in. He killed a person in cold blood. Execute him as a common criminal. Of course insanity defense, would it bring Islam in and would Islam be convicted with the guy for being insane? Hhhhmmm.

Anonymous said...

The funny (?) thing is that this poor misguided soul became disillusioned with Islam and converted to Christianity. So where in the hell were his Muslim brothers and why didn't they behead or stone this jerk as an apostate? I blame this one all on the Muslims, if they were doing their duty he would have been dead and buried and we wouldn't have had this tragedy.