Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Old Players

As the air strikes continue against Hezbollah and key infrstructure targets in Lebanon, countries are evacuating their citizens from Lebanon. Italy has already evacuated most of its citizens. The United States, France, and Holland are also working to extract their nationals.

The US has a Marine brigade heading to the area while France is mobilizing its naval assets. The task is daunting as we are talking about thousands of possible evacuees who must be ferried away. In the middle of a combat zone where one side has shown itself to be indiscrimnate.

This time when US Marines and French forces go ashore in Beirut, this will not be 1983. They will be armed and with orders to protect their citizens. Both countries are viewed positively by many Lebanese since Lebanon was a French colony and twice America has stepped in to help in times of need, during Eisenhower's presidency and Reagan's.

So Hezbollah and its puppet masters are about to have even more players horning in on their game, intent on depriving these thugs of their game and if they resist their lives as well.

To quote Bruce Willis from the first Die Hard movie, "Yippa ky ye Mother-f___ers."

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