Saturday, July 15, 2006

Doing the Saddam Shuffle

Things have been very active on the Lebanon front.

Israeli forces dropped bombs on Hezbollah's headquarters in southern Beirut. They also dropped explosive calling cards on the lead nutjob Nasrallah of Hezbollah's house and a house next to the Lebanese Prime Minister's house.

Unfortunately Nasrallah is living up to his roach reputation and is still alive, but is scurrying from spider hole to spider hole in the hope the Israelis don't zero in on his location. He has dared Israel to bring it on and that he has surprises in store.

Well Israel has brought it on and Hezbollah is turning out to be hollow, full of bluster and Katyushas but no real substance. As for the surprises, he needs to work on that. It seems two UAV kamikazes carried out attacks on ships offshore. One struck an Israeli gunboat [am really peeved at Fox for screwing up what to call this warship, so far have heard it called a battleship - dang did we lease Missouri to Israel? and a gunship - not an Apache or Cobra Fox News] and four Israeli sailors are missing. Another struck an Egyptian ship, combine this with the Hamas thugs blowing a hole in Egypt's wall with Gaza; methinks Egypt is not amused.

In fact for total strangeness three countries that normally issue press releases condemning Israel today issued press releases condemning Hezbollah for being suicidally stupid. Those countries being Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. The world is truly strange.

Meanwhile there are stirrings amongst the Lebanese against Hezbollah. In the long term Israel could be doing Lebanon a favor by weakening Hezbollah. As long as Israel stays focused on denying the terrorists any respite with attacks, the Lebanese just might forgive Israel because it could mean their own army could then disarm what is left of Hezbollah and return the southern portion of the country back to the people who actually live there. This is where that bomb landing near the PM's house comes into play I think. Since the PM's party is aligned with Hezbollah, Israel is telling him they know who are their enemies and he still has a chance to quit the alliance with Hezbollah. Be interesting to see if the PM is smarter than Nasrallah, to prefer still breathing versus being room temperature.

Syria and Iran continue to be stuck on stupid and have issued statements supporting Hezbollah. Keep yapping you crazy mutts and you will get a kick in the ribs at the least. And if somehow the two captured Israeli soldiers do manage to get smuggled to Iran, do not expect anyone to lift a finger to protect Iran. There will be statements saying there is support but due to Iraq, the supply of motivated jihadis is strictly limited to local talent. Start to worry about Iran when they issue plastic keys to the children, means Iran-Iraq War Part II as Iran uses human waves of children to attack. But Israel nor the United States will be deterred from seeking justice upon the fields of battle to see justice done. And it will be many Iranians who will find out if they will get 72 raisins or 72 virgins or perhaps Allah will give them their own T-72 in the afterlife.

Stay tuned and hang on, this is a true E-ticket ride that may lead to Megiddo.


Mike's America said...

As for the "plastic keys:" We should drop leaflets on Teheran telling the kids the lock to Heaven has been changed and their keys no longer work.

I was watching some of the UN Security Council proceedings last night on C-Span(yeah, I know that's a really nerdy thing to do). Those guys just cut and pasted the same old "on the one hand we ask the (fill in the blank for terrorists) to stand down .." But then they go on a tear about how Israel should restrain itself.

Anna said...

We interrupt the Islamic TV Channel's program of Jihad Pokemon to announce the locks to the Gates of Heaven have been changed! That would make them unhappy.

Well the UN did get all five permanent members of the Security Council to embargo North Korea. Naturally North Korea rejected reality for their own warped version. But overall the UN is now the League of Nations, just took longer to become useless.