Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chavez the Capitalist?

El Presidente for Life Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has decided to stick it to the United States, at least that is what he says. After that PR stunt of giving away heating oil to the Northeast, he is now doing a 180. The Chavez controlled Venezuelan oil company that owns Citgo is going to close 1800 Citgo stations in the United States.

Chavez is actually trying to cover up a major shortcoming of his stewardship of Venzuela's natural resources. Since he sacked alot of the employees in the oil industry and put his own apparatchiks in charge, oil production has fallen by roughly one million barrels a day. In fact is has gotten so bad, Chavez has been forced to buy oil from Russia to cover existing contracts. And instead of continuing the hemorrhage of capital to Russia to cover these contracts, money Chavez needs for such vital things as more weapons, Chavez tries to dress up his destruction of Venzuela's oil industry as a bold heroic strike against the Yanquis under the thought control of President Bush.

Along with the newest Fidel death watch, I think it is time to start another People Coup watch on Chavez. Perhaps this time the people of Venezuela will have their voices heard.


Van Helsing said...

Things may have to get worse before they can get better in Venezuela. Though he's ruining the economy (as leftists invariably do) Chavez seems to be tightening his grip.

Anna said...

Why am I not surprised it's the Russians baling him out? They won't be so helpful, though, when they realize their not getting paid.

Mike's America said...

Chavez will destroy Venezuela's economy but blame it all on the U.S. and some super-secret plan that even the New York Treason doesn't know about.

But this closing of Citgo is going to be especially hard for the lefties. After all, it wasn't more than a couple of months ago that they were organizing a "buycott" suggesting that their comrades buy Citgo:


I looked on Common Dreams home page for about as long as I could stomach it and didn't see one peep about where they intend to buy gas now.

But shouldn't they all be riding bicycles anyway?

Anna said...

I am reminded of The more you tighten your grip Governor Tarkin, the more systems that will slip through your grasp.

Chavez can try to hold on but he who rides the tiger soon ends up in its belly. Faltering economy, rising crime rate, falling oil production, friendly neighbors who now loathe Chavez, and with Jimmy Carter and Ciny Sheehan as supporters, Chavez's time is short.

Anna, I can naught but chuckle at the concept of Russia forclosing on Chavez and repossesing the whole country. There would be so many superior leftist minds exploding, we may never get all the stains out.

And Mike I know. Buy Citgo and support our hero they all chanted. But we are becoming too used to how 'flexible' the leftist's mind is. They will find a way to give their pretzel world view another twist to justify Citgo shutting down.