Saturday, July 15, 2006

An Act of War

The Israeli gunboat Spear was not struck by a kamikaze UAV as first reported but instead by a missile. The missile in question was made in Iran and fired by Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers according to this article. The C-102 missile is an Iranian copy of a Pepople's Republic of China design called the Silkworm or Seersucker HY-2 cruise missile that China sold to Iran as late as 1989. Iraq also had these missles. They were used in the Iran-Iraq war to attack VLCC tankers. Even Wikipedia is saying the missles were C-102s

If it can be proved conclusively that Iraninan Revolutionary Guard soldiers did fire these missles, one that struck Spear and the other sinking that Egyptian merchant ship; well Israel will have its justification for ensuring the mad mullahs and their insane President meet the 12th Iman in the afterlife. With US and possible Egyptian support.

By their own actions Iran will have removed their proxies/cat-paws [Hamas and Hezbollah] from the chessboard.


Mike's America said...

Now Anna, I hate to scold. But you know the drill by now:

A. Israel is attacked
B. Israel responds
C. Euroweanies and duplicitous Arabs demand Israel restraint.
D. Israel is forced to withdraw and promises for it's security are made, but quicly broken.

Israel may currently have a green light from President Bush in Lebanon, but would that light change to yellow then red if Israel contemplated direct attacks on either Syria or Iran?

If I were in charge of the IDF, both Damascus and Teheran would be in flames by now.

But knowing the pattern, and unless attacks by these missiles increase, I doubt whether Israel will take the fight to the source.

Van Helsing said...

I don't know when it's going to happen, but it's been obvious since 1979 that sooner or later there has to be a showdown with Iran.

Anna said...

Mike does have it covered. Israel must turn the other cheek and turn the other cheek forever amen, else they are the bad guys...just like us!

Anna said...

I agree Mike and Anna, the groupthink is always thus: What the US or Israel does is always wrong. But Israel is going after Hezbollah and Hamas to get back its soldiers without caring what the 'international community' thinks.

Well President Bush is keeping out of it. Sec. Rice is taking the straddle the fence approach. Wont comment since might blow someone's game.

And Van Helsing, you are so right. Since 1979 it has been coming and Iran has thought it was blessed. Well with the USSR demoted to Putin's USSR-lite, there is no Cold War to truly stay the US or Israel's hand which truly frightens all the appeasement drones who hate Israel.

And V