Sunday, July 16, 2006

Middle East update

Israeli Army Radio has reported that Hezbollah thug Nasrallah got injured in attacks, naturally the Arab world claims Nasrallah is fine. Supposed to be on TV to prove he is not pushing up the daisies. Let him, then bomb the TV studio. Be dead then.

Haifa and Tiberias have been struck by longer range missiles. One of the weapons is claimed to be Syrian and struck a train station. The warhead was nothing but ball bearings which severely injured people. Israel has deployed Patriot missiles to protect Haifa. The barrage of rockets and missiles is salutorous in one aspect, with Israel cutting the supply lines and threatening to invade Hezbollah is forced to shoot them before they lose them. Which means all the 'surprises' that Nasrallah promised, like the cruise missile that sank an Egyptian merchant vessel, will be launched hastily and without as much impact. Like V2 missiles they will hurt but not as much as if they had been deliberately aimed for maximum carnage.

US Marines are landing at Beirut airport to prepare the evacuation of upto 25,000 American citizens. Chirac is calling on all sides in the conflict to exercise moderation. Fox News just had a former staffer from Bush I and she was going on about multi-lateral talks and Israel pulling back. Sorry girlfriend that is not going to fly since Lebanon has not enforced a UN resolution calling for the disarming of Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army to occupy southern Lebanon. Just because Lebanon has lacked the strenght to oust the thugs is not a real excuse when a neighboring country is attacked by a political party of Lebanon, Lebanon has to suffer punishment. It is up to the Lebanese government to decide how much punishment they must suffer for the reckless unilateralism of Hezbollah.

Meanwhile in Gaza, Israeli forces have found yet another tunnel leading into Israeli terroritory like the one used to kidnap Shalit while striking another Hamas training camp.

To the command and control structures of Hamas and Hezbollah who are hiding in Damsacus, give Israel back its soldiers and this might all end. Until then come and get it!


Mike's America said...

Maybe the IDF should booby trap one of those tunnels and just wait for the Jihadi slime to try and use them. Then BOOM! Buried alive!

Myrtus said...

"US Marines are landing at Beirut airport...."

uh oh this could only lead to one thing, Lebanon will soon have lots of parking lots, exactly what Iran and Syria were hoping for.

Anna said...

Mike, that would be like way kewl but would also contaminate the water table with jihadi cooties.

Najia, parking lots? Will Hezbollah attack a Marine brigade with loaded weapons? Only if they are crazier than Nasrallah. What do you mean by parking lots?

Myrtus said...

LOL Anna when I posted that comment I was barely awake, with my first cup of coffee in hand.(:

As I posted on my blog earlier I haven't had the chance to watch the news for a few days because I've been working really extended hours, so I was trying to catch up by reading my favorite blogs. To be honest with you after reading your post I drew my own conclusion thinking now that the marines were landing they will probably remain in position even after transporting civilians to safety, just in case bloody hezbollah wants to mess around...yes I do think those bastards are crazy enough.