Friday, June 09, 2006

Zarqawi's Last Statement

It turns out the mass murdering homicidal maniac did not die when the lights went out after the big bang. According to Gen. Cadwell he was alive long enough to realize what was going on and try to escape. Naturally being mortally wounded, his bid for freedom was a bit short-lived.

As he did die, he uttered one last comment. What did he say no one knows, which has opened up a whole new sub-genre for blogging pundits. Everything from 'Rosebud' to 'Some sent us up the bomb' has been seen of late. Along with the now deceased Zarqawi finding out he got 72 raisins instead of virgins.

One would think after 1300 years, the Arabic language would have firmly established the translation as meaning virgins but still the alternate translation of raisins pop up. I wonder if jihadis have fueds over that? "I say Virgins!" "Raisins!" "Virgins!" "Virgins!" "Raisins!" "Virgins!" "Fire!" *boom* - ah pronoun trouble.

Still it is fitting that a man who reveled in being brutal in front of a camera as he extoled hatred and death should have his last words lost.


Anna said...

Did you see that news conference? The questions they were asking were unbelievable! Did they administer first aid? Did they try to save him or was he just left to die? Gimme a break! The guy was a terrorist who got his jollies blowing and beheading innocent people!

Anna said...

That was "blowing up! :)

Dave Mandell said...

Just knit picking, but "raisin", "virgin", and "boom" aren't pronouns, they're nouns. "Fire" in that instance is a verb.

Otherwise a good piece, I was unaware of the raisin/virgin debate.

Anna said...

Anna, I missed the zoo-conference but from what you said, did not miss much as they once again showed their agenda outweighed the concept of common sense.

Dave Mandell, work with me. Was adapting from the classic Bugs Bunny/Donald Duck argument they have in front of Elmer Fudd. :)

I find it highly amusing that a jihadi may get virgins or raisins, but not both as his divien reward.

Tom said...

72 Vermin? I thought it was 72 virgins!! Damn....

Myrtus said...

"Dave Mandell, work with me. Was adapting from the classic Bugs Bunny/Donald Duck argument they have in front of Elmer Fudd. :)"

LOLL I love it!

Mike's America said...

How about this for Zarkies last words:

"But the posters at Democrats Underground said this was all a photo op?"

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

That news conference was unbelievable. Celebrate that the evil man is dead and be done with it.

Anna said...

72 vermin: Sounds like Zarqawi being greeted by old chums in Hades. Like Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Mao, Adolph, Uday.... Old home week for murdering genocidal nutcases.

Najia, I can just see Elmer stadning there with a suicide belt as Bugs and Daffy argue over raisins and virgins. And then he finally gets sick of it all and just presses the button to put everyone out of his misery.

Heh, yep Mike. It was a photo-op. One that used two 500lb bombs for illumination.

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead and not even Zarqawi's feet stuck out from under the porch.