Thursday, June 08, 2006

Job Opening: Terrorist Leader

Looks like the Coalition got Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. AP and the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki are reporting he is dead. That he has shuffled off this mortal coil to go find his 72 raisins. After sending others to die for his hate filled cause, he has followed them into death. Good riddance.

As the car bombing proved, there is going to be some reaction to his death. But since he is dead, he can no longer lead or organize so it falls to someone without his brand-name recognition to lead the terror raids. Among the insurgents that will be hard. So expect a shift in who is spoiling things in Iraq back to al-Sadr and his merry men as the terrorists flop around looking for guidance and financing.

This is a step forward no doubt about it. The wicked witch is dead.


Mike's America said...

Reminds me of something I posted on in October:


See the "top ten" list at the bottom.

Anna said...

McJihad, Inc has a managerial opening for its Iraq franchise. Seeking a real go-getter who can survive in a cut-throat environment. Skills preferred: head-chopping, long winded speeches, and the survival instincts of a cockroach. Proficiency with automatic weapons is not required.

Please send resumes to Tora Bora, Afghanistan, third cave to the left and whisper for Osama.

Something like that Mike? :)