Saturday, June 10, 2006

Culture Mingling

Well I am in Dallas right now embeded amidst eight to ten thousand anime fans at a convention called Project A-kon.

So we are awash in costumed fans. Plenty from Naruto. Luckily got some from Final Fantasy with most being Yuna in her skimpy attire along with one Aerith and a couple Clouds. Have seen several Belldandys from Ah! Megami-sama. Oh can not forget the Trigun fans dressed as Millie or Vash or Wolfwood. Komik Market is awash in semi-pro artists drawing everything from half-human/half-shark girl to the usual requests for naughty cat-girls. There is a large area on the second floor of the convention area set aside for gamers. The Dealers Room is in same spot as last time I was here and it seemed a bit more crowded, so A-kon has grown again. At this rate, there soon maybe no venue save a sports stadium to house A-kon.

We decamped to Plaza of the Americas over at the Westin tower for lunch. Set about eating a Philly steak sandwich and watching all the costumed convention goers ordering lunch. Then it happened, a costume had not expected. In fact it took about 30 seconds for me to realize these were not convention goers but real average people. They were all women of various ages including girls dressed in all covering garb with head scarves. So while the convention goers were dressed in various attire down to bikini and jean shorts for one person these ladies were covered. And nothing happened as they mingled in line until I next saw a bunch of ladies skating on the ice still covered head to foot.

So I will sign off now to go scope out the art room and see if there is anything I may want to bid on.


Anna said...

I love people watching...I'm sure the people there are quite a sight to see! Hope you have fun.

Anna said...

Oh yes indeed I had fun. My feet were mad at me for allt he walking but the human scenery, oh my!