Tuesday, June 13, 2006

VA to Vets, its Your Problem

I am seeing a very vibrant red colour right now. Highly oxygenated blood red colour in fact. As it sprays out my ears to cover the walls.

I just got to read one of the form letters the VA has been sending out to veterans and current military personnel in regards to that complete waste of oxygen who took his work laptop home and got his house ransacked/looted.

I have read this letter several times to make sure I did not miss anything. Nowhere in the two page latter does the VA say they have alerted any of the credit agencies. Instead they advise veterans to be alert to any suspicious financial activities and to report these activities while busily trying to wash their hands of responsibility.

After reading this letter, this is all I have to say to the VA: It is your problem and hell'sacommin from all the veterans you just tried to blow off. Own up and take responsibility right now.


Anonymous said...

Ah Anna, after 28 years of government, we are well versed in the saying "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you". Got my letter last week, what a joke. Interesting side note, how did the VA get everyone's address (you are not required to update your information with the VA) HINT......its initials are IRS. You bet I trust my government.


Anna said...

I wonder if John Kerry got one of these letters?

"Teresa darling! Did you purchase a whole electronics plant in North Korea?"

"No John, why?"

Truth-Pain said...

I found your blog while roaming through Mike's America. I'd like to become a frequent visitor. We seem to share some things in common,...
Great site :)

Anna said...

Truth-Pain welcome to my little blog. I hope you enjoy the show. Now which of your several blogs should I read first? :)

Truth-Pain said...

lol!!.. Truth-Pain Emporium is my main one... to the others I am a quasi-contributor of sorts :)

Anna said...

Ah ha! Thank you! Danke! Spaciba! Doumo arigatou Truth-Pain!