Monday, May 08, 2006

Tossing a sabot

The President of Iran has sent a personal letter to Presidet Bush seeking new ways to work thorugh these "fragile" times.

Why doesn't the United States have direct diplomatic ties with Iran? Perhaps because 26 years ago, Iranian Islamic thugs, possibly lead by Iran's current President, seized the US Embassy and held the Americans there hostage for 444 days? That would put a definite chill on any kind of chummy relations.

President Clinton apologized for the role the United States took in putting the Shah of Iran on the throne in Iran. Perhaps the United States should apologize for the role President Carter took in helping put the Ayatollahs on the throne in Iran. Lets be honest about things right?

As for this letter, one just has to look at the last paragraph of this VoA news alert. All Iran is trying to do is avert or delay the lumbering UN from doing anything to impede Iran's mad quest to joining the nuclear club. Later this year Russia will be deploying in Iran a new SAM system. So that is two reasons why Iran wants to stall.

Some argue it is all right to allow Iran to go nuclear and they talk about Pakistan. Pakistan went nuclear to protect itself from an already nuclear India. So linking Iran's quest for nuclear weapons with the non-use by Pakistan is false. Pakistan has never called for the total destruction of India unlike Iran and comments from its President calling for the destruction of Israel.

These times are fraught with peril for the whole world. While the US has worked hard within the UN to get that international body to do something besides blink, Iran has rattled its sabre at the United States by saying they have studied the American campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq and they know how to defeat the Americans. Iran has supported terrorist groups since the Ayatollahs took control, expect more gruesome acts of terror if this crisis is not resolved via diplomacy; and expect some within the borders of the United States.


Mike's America said...

That Mahmood letter is a real piece of work. Filled with enough "what would Jesus do" crapola to give lefties multiple orgasms.

I wonder what the lefties would do if President Bush sent ole Mahmood a letter back suggesting that Mohammed wouldn't nuke the jews?

Anna said...

They would p*ss&moan about the President injecting religion into serious international diplomacy while ignoring the full name of Iran: the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran.

Farking useless fools, the nattering neigh-bobs of the leftist elite.