Saturday, May 06, 2006

Evo the Everyman

After reading this piece of decorative doggerel, I have but one thing to say. How much did Evo Morales pay this author to write this nauseating narrative that overflows with breezy hyperbole?

The Che beret as chic? Sacre bleu! Non! That red is the blood of thousands of innocents.

The alpaca jumper as fashion statement? When you are in the Andean mountains working at being a herder or farmer, you need warm clothes you over-citified wastrel of a pundit. President Morales is just being comfortable.

Pink Tide? Who tossed the red shirt in with the white undergarments again? Where is the froth on this guy's latte by the way?

A ukulele decorated with lacquered coca leaves for the US Secretary of State? Oh what a cheeky rogue Evo is.

There is even a charming reference to the fate that befell socialist leaders in South America in the past. Oh really, did the CIA finally kill off Fidel? Oh wait, he is making a snide aside to the Chilean people getting fed up with Allende and tossing his 'Communism with a human face' out on its posterior.

Bolivia, and those with an interest in it, must watch, whether excited, nervous or bemused by this cheerful, cuddly crusader, to see whether Morales proves more Mandela or Mugabe.

Either a Mandela - A Communist tossed in the clink by those crazy racist Afrikaans and married to Winnie, she who liked to have people executed. Or a Mugabe - another socialist and dictator who nationalized all the private farm land, tossed the white owners out, and when the country became a net importer of food dared to asked these dispossessed people to come back to farm the land they used to own. Wow, what towering giants of humanity to compare Evo to.

Suddenly a Harlequin romance novel does not seem such a bad thing to read. It would be a step up from this offal.


Mike's America said...

Evo: "The Cuddly Crusader?"

Anna. I don't know how you have the stomach to read stuff like that.

But I'm not at all surprised that the left is putting their spin doctors to work.

After all, Chavez changed the Venezuelan Constitution to extend his term in office, most like indefinetly, and the lefties call it a "democratic revolution."

Just wait until that pink tide turns red with blood. Of course it will be Western provocation to blame, never the Marxist reverting to form.

Anna said...

I know, that is like calling Mao a cute panda bear.

I could not read that of Evo for a good while. It just refused to register. I was hoping by my comments on other parts of the story, people's gaze would deftly side-step that verbal landmine. But alas thou hast caught me out.

As for El Presidente for Life Hugo Chavez, he is trotting out in front of a Congress he controls the idea of making him defacto President for Life or until 2031. Yow, how democratic. And they think President Bush stole an election or two, those leftist twits.