Monday, May 08, 2006

Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism

Cruising through a site I just found about Venezuela called vcrisis and they have a whole section devoted to the human rights abuse of the Chavez government.

Take a look at this photo and think about it. These are people who are protesting Hugo Chavez's usurpation of their rights as citizens so Chavez can seize dictatorial control of the whole country. Or this photo of a protestor being dragged while other soldiers laugh. While this picture reminds me of the aftermath of Kent State.

And yet according to many in the United States, President Hugo Chavez is a shining leader of democracy. Oi carumba muy loco Yanquis! This man is a brutal thug who wants to dominate South America, he should be opposed whenever the opportunity arises. Do not buy Citgo fuel since that supports the oppression of the Venezuelan people. And if your local or state government is talking about getting Sequoia/Smartmatics to supply the electronic voting machines, let your voice be heard since their machines are flawed and the companies are owned by friends of Chavez.

This photo shows the misery. The caption mentions 14 dead, 10 missing, 1000 injured, and 350 arrested. It also says "Those with eyes see." We all need to see the brutality of the Chavez regime.

Thanks Anna for pointing out those photos did not load. The montage added to the top, first and fourth are the photos that did not load. Jimmy Carter is again wrong. Hugo Chavez is not a nice person, he is a thug who now controls a country.


Anna said...

Oh, but according to Jimmy Carter, Chavez is basically just misunderstood.

BTW-first and last picture didn't come up

Mike's America said...

I lost the link to some nasty photos of folks who were beaten and bleeding after an encounter with the freedom fighters of new Venezuela.

Not that it would make any difference. The Cindy Sheehan crowd who think BUSH is the problem don't seem to care if Chavez kills and tortures thousands of Venezuelans.

Anna said...

I know Mike, they don't care because to them Chavez is speaking 'truth to power.' Just like they support fidel for the same reason. They so hate America they will cheer on anyone who opposes the United States, even when the mandman's hands drip the blood of murdered innocents.

Vcrisis has more photos of the protests. Including pictures of what looks like shotgun pellets embedded in people's flesh. Not pretty.