Monday, April 10, 2006

Scott Ritter Rides Again

Considering Scott Ritter never convinced the Bush Administration to not topple Saddam Hussein; in a surprise move since he has not been heard from in a few years by the media, he is back coming in on the coattails of Seymour Hersh in regards to Iran. As in 'Don't do it!!!!!' with much hand wringing before the cameras I am sure.

Here is some background on Mr. Ritter. Yes he is a fomer Marine and a UN Arms Inspector for Iraq[1991 to 1998]. There are problems with Ritter's UN duty however. He resigned from the team because President Clinton was not doing enough about Iraq's WMD program. And then when President Bush made moves to topple Saddam's regieme, Scott's rhetoric did a 180 and he said Iraq was not a WMD threat. When was he lying? Then there is the matter of Ritter's personal proclivities, he was convicted of a Class B misdemeanor for soliciting a 16 year old girl on the Internet to visit him at a Burger King to watch him do sexual acts, luckily the 'girl' was an undercover police officer. So one has reason to doubt Scott Ritter's moral integrity.

But I will agree with this part of his speech:

In short, the anti-war movement has come face to face with the reality that in the ongoing war of ideologies that is being waged in America today, their cause is not just losing, but is in fact on the verge of complete collapse.

But then he veers off into why Americans are against the war, he regurgitates the classic meme. Americans are against it because the US is losing. Oh no say it aint so Joe!

Then he takes to task all of the previous anti-war protests that have failed:
It is high time for the anti-war movement to take a collective look in the mirror, and be honest about what they see. A poorly organized, chaotic, and indeed often anarchic conglomeration of egos, pet projects and idealism that barely constitutes a "movement," let alone a winning cause. I have yet to observe an anti-war demonstration that has a focus on anti-war.

Considering how unstable many of these peaceniks are, Scott just may find himself persona non grata at future protests he speaks at even though he is speaking truth to power. A prophet is never welcome in his home town after all. Or they will spin things to blame everyone but themselves like this person does by blaming why America loves war on television while wishing Bush was in an orange jumpsuit. The dissonance is astounding.

And for the history disinclined. Twice the United States has been invaded, not counting Pancho Villa's raids. The War of 1812 that saw the White House burned down and the Japanese invasion of Attu and Kiska in the Aleutian Islands in WWII.


Anna said...

I'm sure there are many Marines who would like to take Ritter to the woodshed and teach him about loyalty!

Anna said...

There probably are a few. But what I loved from reading that person's article in response to Ritter's criticism of the anti-war crowd's lack of focus was she stuck her fingers in her ears and blamed television for making America love war. Which means she endorses the concept that some religious groups have pushed forward. So in order to deny Ritter any validation, she agrees with the religious right. I am waiting for her head to explode once she realizes she has sided with Pat Robertson.

Mike's America said...

On the heels of the Homeland Security official who was also busted for internet chat with a federal agent posing as a young girl I am beginning to wonder:

Are all the young girls on the internet really federal agents?

And, what do you suppose it does to the psyche of some super macho federal agent to sit around all day and type:

"Like you know, I was at the mall see, and like, there was this boy, and like we were all like....."

Cindy said...

Please write Vietnam Veteran & now Arizona Senator John McCain about:
You Are Not Forgotten Falun Gong:

Arizona Senator John McCain, There are times in history when a single act can affect the fate of millions. This is one of those times. You may have seen recent reports at:


that Chinese authorities are enriching themselves from the sale of human internal organs and that dozens of concentration camp-like facilities are used for harvesting these organs. Reports tell us that China’s repression of prisoners is far more extensive, more brutal, and more horrifying than previously thought.

As a Politician you have some power to REVIEW your position that China never used American Vietnam prisoners for human organ harvesting. American Vietnam prisoners may still live and their off spring may still be used for such harvesting-breading.

We don’t need to stop Iran from entering America because that is the same BS used with the Vietnam War.

We need to stop China’s attitude towards Capitalism at any expense from entering America.

You can Email Senator John McCain at:

Cindy said...

If I may say this in a nasty way,
“A message for the silent media to write about.”

Put the untruthful President on trial or we vote out our weak governmental leaders.

Reasons for Impeachment:
Preconceived war then deceived media.
Downing Street Memo, W.M.D.

For the eyes of Christians only:
Eight Commandment
You should not bring about false witness against your neighbor.

If you’re offended I’m sorry.

Cindy said...

Perfect War Plan
Key Words: Think Tanks, Cherry Picked Information

The war is going as planed because the dreadfully rich and powerful made the plan and continue to do so.

If the dreadfully rich and powerful want to become richer and more powerful then the longer the war continues the richer and more powerful “They” become.

“They” create Think Tanks with money and continue to Cherry-Pick information.

“They” create or buy news outlets, publishers, and pubic relation firms so “Their” lobbyists can continue to justify the Cherry Picked information.

The elected politicians support the Cherry Picked information presented to them from lobbyist as a justification to:
1. Support the war.
2. Need money for reelection campaign and prevent a strong 3rd or 4th party.

PROOF for the above statements:
1. No serious lobbyists reform.
2. No thought-provoking media coverage of non serious lobbyists reform.

The current B.S. by the dreadfully rich and powerful is: “China and India are the reasons for high oil prices.”
If the above statement isn‘t Think Tank lobbyist Cherry Picked information then:
1. Why are the oil Cos. making dreadfully large profits?
2. Why are elected officials and the media unable to provide PROOF about China and India’s dreadfully large consumption above and beyond oil out put?

The media Cos. cut back on foreign investigative reporting.


myrtus said...

Cindy darling, you need to either calm down and sit still or move right along and go elsewhere with your cherry picking, this is not the place for you. You sound like a typical Falun Gong nutcase with your silly raving. I have not yet met one gong that sounded right in the head.ayaaa