Sunday, April 09, 2006

Europe's Shameful Immigration Camps

I was searching for information on immigration fences and I found this story.

When a news article starts with : 'Here's our shameful human zoo,' one knows things are not well in regards to immigration in Europe. Or the respecting of human rights.

Less ambivalent was the instruction to remain outside the compounds. According to Lt. Col. Gatt access inside the quarters where they eat, sleep and wash was denied to us for security reasons so that it does not lead to direct, face-to-face contact with the immigrants.
I would be very suspicious of this from Lt. Col Gatt until later in the article one learns that some of the soldiers[32] including Gatt are infected with tuberculosis.

After they leave a whole building used as a refugee camp the journalists come to another camp.

Even here, our frantic questions are soon brought to an end, as we head towards Lyster Barracks where immigrants are kept in tents surrounded by shoddy
fences and chicken wire.

As the writer states, some of these refugees have no papers. Others seem to have all their paperwork, yet they languish. Some are obviously disease carriers. This raises all sorts of questions like a lack of will on the part of the Europeans to solve this problem. The 120 man military unit could forcibly move these refugees to better quarters. They could also be active separate the sick from the ones still healthy, which would mean the guards' chances of catching tuberculosis or other diseases would drop.

Until Europe solves the problems with its own immigration camps they need to be quiet in regards to matters in Israel with its fence and the United States with Guantanamo Bay. I also have to ask all those high-priced news anchors a question, why aren't you covering this obvious mistreatment of people by Europe? Not newsworthy enough? Then you are worthless.

If you want to know what a Nissan hut looks like, then go here. I am sure the ones these refugees were put in were not in any better shape. Yanks had a similar hut called a Quonset hut and both huts are from WWII.


Mike's America said...

Even with extreme measures like that Europe is still being overrun by immigrants.

There are so many historic indicators out there screaming at full volume that we are headed for a major crisis on many fronts.

Sadly, there is no unity to act in an effective way to forestall this coming disaster.

Anna said...

What was that comment 'Either we hang together or hang seperately.' Or anohter is 'evil florishes while good men do nothing.'

People leaking information. Hugo Chavez making war noises. Iran puffing itself up hoping the US wont attack it. Practicers of sedition siding with illegal immigrants. The barbarians have climbed the walls, sapped the foundations, and the walls are about to tumble down. But hopefully there is still time to stop the insanity.

Anna said...

Chavez wants to boot the US ambassador out of the country. When the ambassdor's car was chased by men on motorcycles (who were throwing things at the car), Chavez ranted about having the ambassador arrested for inciting the incident!

They're all nuts!

Anna said...

It used to be that only Carmen Miranda had the tuti-fruitti hat. Now it seems to be the hat du riguer of the socialist crowd.

Chavez is banking on the US acting in a proper manner and do nothing. Eventually though, after enough annoying yapping, a chihuaha will still get kicked around. Chavez's time is coming; assuming the Venuzuelans dont depose him or Colombia invades.