Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The McKinney Meltdown

After putting up a comment over on Anna's blog about how Rep McKinney is like Marie Antoinette, but more so; I have had this nagging feeling there lurked out there an even better description of this event.

Various ideas have flitted through my mind. So here are the runner-ups.

1. Cynthia McKinney is one of those maloderous princesses that kings wall up in towers.
2. When kingdoms sign treaties there is clause saying if Princess McKinney is offered as the princess for marriage to seal the treaty, it is grounds for war.
3. Later on McKinney grew up to be the wicked step-mother that bedeviled Cinderella.
4. Princess McKinney's suitors, after one day in her company, pooled their gold and jewels together and hired the dragon to kidnap her. One day later the dragon came back and killed all the suitors before committing suicide.

Then the best example of 'I am a princess of the blood and you are a commoner so unhand me!' sprung to mind.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney[Deranged-GA] had a Zsa Zsa Gabor moment when she attacked that police officer in the Capitol.


Anna said...

You do have a way with words. The visual is great! "Off with their heads!" (I'm thinking the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland!)

Anna said...

At this point I think there would be many Georgians and others who would gladly help push Cynthia down the rabbithole and through the looking glass so darkly to meet with a cat who's smile is bigger than hers. But beware the Boojum Cynthia!

Good gosh, going to have interesting dreams after mangling all these cultural memes. ^_^

Anonymous said...

All true, but I'll bet a $1000 to a bag of bagels that she gets re-elected again


Anna said...

"G-raze" gave you an answer, of a sort, on my Sowell post. I have had enough of it.

Tom said...

Day late & a comment short... Wonder if she was the rabbit that was late - oh, wait a sec...the rabbit was white!

Great post, Anna.

Mike's America said...

I'm still not holding my breath waiting for an indictment or arrest.

They put it to a grand jury in DC... IN DC!

Anyone who knows anything about grand juries in DC knows they only indict white Republicans.

Blacks are exempt.

DL said...

Zsa Zsa never played the race card to cover her arrogance failures - I would love to see the Policeman sue for all he can get -her and her entourage -for slander:calling him a racist publically need to be stopped.

Anna said...

Mike, well they did send Marion Barry to prison before electing him again. There is a modicum of hope. I wonder if McKinney's non-apology will help or hinder? Or her bodyguard threatening to rough up a reporter, that had to sit real well with Capitol Police and all those First Amendment loving reporters.

DL, to my world view it was McKinney's Princess attitude that let me make the Zsa Zsa link. Along with Marie Antoinette. Race nary a blip. As for suing, that would be nice; to use the Democrats beloved litigation weapon against them.

Mike's America said...

Good point Anna. I was there at the time.

Kind of difficult to ignore the evidence in Barry's case.

Isn't he in City Council now and under investigation again? I don't keep up.

Anna said...

Mike, Marion Barry got three years probation for failing to file local and federal taxes. Some people never learn it seems. And he is on the council.