Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration Protestation

Well today was the day when all the illegal immigrants came out of the woodwork and marched.

Exhibit A on why we need a fence, there is no fear of consequences.
Nineth Castillo, a 26-year-old waitress from Guatemala who joined the Atlanta march, said she has lived in the United States for 11 years "without a scrap of paper." Asked whether she was afraid to parade her undocumented status in front of a massive police presence, she laughed and said: "Why? They kick us out, we're coming back tomorrow."

Exhibit B on why there needs to be a fence, parched desert is not enough of a deterrent. Plus note Senor Penate is quoting the meme of there is no legal means to immigrate, I will tackle this falsehood later.
"There's no way to come legally over here," said Penate, 25. "If there was, do you think people would like to be in the desert risking their lives?"

The reporters say it was peaceful these demonstrations but later on when legal citizens of the United States of America decided to stand up for their rights and voice opposition to some of these demonstrators, the results were predictable.
One of three people carrying signs saying illegal immigrants have no rights was
hit in the head.

Someone who does not get it. There are legal channels for immigration. Go to the local US embassy or consulate, fill out the paperwork, and get in line. Once everything checks out and there is a spot, then hey muy bien! You get to come the United States to live, work, and with diligence become a full US citizen. For Senor Penate, the annual quota for El Salvador is 75,000.
We're hoping that employers stop to consider what this is all about," organizer Adriana Galvez said. "That if you need people here to do the work, to buy, then give them a legal channel to get here.

This quote makes me scratch my head. "The pilgrims had no green cards." Which pilgrims? The ones to the Holy Land during the Crusades? Of course they lacked green cards, they had Knights Templar or Knights Hospitaler instead. They worked much better than a green card.

I think this naturalized US citizen summed it up nicely.
"Go to jail!" shouted William Hazzard, 58, a retired school custodian from Harrisburg. "I'm from Germany and I had to give up my rights as a German citizen. I had to speak English."


Anonymous said...

Stories such as these only solidifies my pessimism concerning the direction which this country is following. Anna, you know my thoughts on the future of this country, I'm not so worried about my generation, but that of my son and my grandchildren leave me with foreboding and yes, despair.

We have let diversity, liberalism and multiculturism become our religions and our only beliefs. The rule of law is a joke and political correctness is the new way of life. You have always professed optimism aboout the future of this country, maybe when I was younger, I could say the same, but looking at what we are facing and the "leaders" that we have.................not now.


DL said...

Andy J

I hate to have to agree with your pessimism and lack of faith in our leaders and once great country to do what's right when the need arises, but I must. Democracy doesn't work when an entrenched political class can afford to ignore their own laws -support illegals that are in our faces -and fight, not the Islamist enemy that seeks to kill us, but our own commander-in-chief.
These are sad times in the history of this great country for we are dying from rot within - torn apart by the greed of special interests, and immorality fostered upon us by judges and politicians who lack moral character.

Keep fighting (and praying)though as there is always hope -however slim.

Mike's America said...

These protesters just do NOT get it:

I admit I did not watch the speeches live on C-Span, thus, I could have missed it, but in all the hoo haaing over how hard immigrants work, how they are not criminals, blah, blah, blah, Other than some occasional chants of USA, USA and carrying American flags this time, they seem to continue with this grievance mentality rather than express a fundamental desire to BE AMERICAN.

As I researched the rather long post on the subject it became clear that there was little desire for these folks, legal or otherwise, to become American. They might even become citizens, but as one of them who did said (through an interpreter) "I think I'm still a Mexican," she says. "When my skin turns white and my hair turns blonde, then I'll be an American."

This same woman has lived here for years and gave up trying to learn English, free classes in which were offered at a local school, because it was too hard.

Bensilly said...

The whine about our country going to hell is true but you can only blame yourselves. By indfference.
But guess what? This didnt happen overnight and especially didnt happen with this administration. This has ben a long time coming.
How long you think this illegal immigration has ben happening?
1965 had 35k illegal immigrants.
How long were the levy`s left weak?
How long has it ben since we pulled arabic speaking operatives(spys) out of the middle east(cold war)?
And how long have we ben letting politicians, dems and rep, get away with screwing the american people?

Tom said...

Politics & politicians are going to be the death of this country.