Sunday, April 02, 2006

Monetary Mystery?

I visited my parents on my trip back from Jacksonville. My Dad was cleaning out some of the old house and he found this coin. He handed it to me hoping I could figure it out since he could not even remember where it came from. I think I know what writing system is on this coin, but could anyone more versed in Middle Eastern languages tell me this coin's story?


Myrtus said...

Hi Anna how are you? That's Arabic.
It says "1 Dinar" in the middle of the coin and along the top it says "The Republic of Iraq"

Anna said...

*LAUGH* 1 Dinar huh? That will buy me what? 1/100th of a cup of coffee in Baghdad? (: Assuming it is still legal tender.

So much for it being an Arabian Nights type coin. ^_^

Doing all right, am back at home. Vous madmoiselle?