Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Barbarians

Okay this just knocked me over. Hat-Tip: Little Green Footballs

Fundamnetally insane/intolerant Muslims in Albania are protesting plans to erect a statue of Mother Theresa in her hometown. Once again using that code phrase of being 'offensive to Muslims.' Do I detect some Wahhabism in this?

They are protesting a woman who devoted her entire adult life to the caring of what upper caste Hindus consider untouchable classes of humans. She sold off a Papal vehicle for these people. She spent the money she got from winning a Nobel Prize helping these people. And when she died, the media focused more on Princess Diana who died that same day. And now this.

How can anyone who truly cares for their fellow human beings protest this? This proves to my way of thinking that these people are so hateful that no one except their little clique is real. And such thinking allows atrocities to happen.


Mike's America said...

My outrage quotient is so far off the chart already... I don't know how much more I can take.

But THIS is terrrible.

Anyone protesting Mother Teresa is unmasked as the face of evil that they are.

I hope the Albanians knock a few heads of those who oppose this.

We saved Muslims in the Balkans only to have this kind of crap???

Anna said...

Oh aye it tis the height of ungratefulness but that seems to be a primary characteristic of Wahabi Islam, what have you done for me lately? While ignoring any concept of reciperocal hospitality. In fact they seem to be rude homicidal buggers.

Anna said...

You hit the nail on the head "How can anyone who truly cares for their fellow human beings protest this?" They do not truly care about anyone but themselves!

Tom said...

My guess would be to not have any graven images around to remind them of another faith. If you remember, the Taliban blew up the 4 Hindu statues in Afghanistan since they were offensive to the Islamic religion.

Of course, their idea of tolerance is to cut off the heads of anyone who doesn't believe as they do...

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Just came across your blog. God bless the US and her Armed Forces...including the forces that lie in silent wait in the north central US. Just one MS at Minot, FEW or Malmstrom could level almost everything in Iran above ground level.

Muslims wanna go to Allah? Then we infidels have to arrange the meeting, I say!

Anna said...

Anna, until enough followers of Islam say enough is enough to stop these nutcases this will continue and those in the West who beleive there is nothing worth saving in Western civilisation will continue to apologize for them.

Tom, I wonder how they can stand this graven image: $? If we ever cut that symbol off, Saudi Arabia implodes.

Anti-Jihadi, Iran is rattling its sabre hoping it will scare the Great Satan off. They have not learned from Saddam's fate. And I am sure there are creative ways of neutralizing Iran's nuclear delusion without making Tehran glass; which will probably cheese off many would-be jihadists while allowing many in Iran to breathe a sigh of relief.

To have MIRV means Iran wants nukes which means all their protestations about needing nuclear power for peaceful means just went out the window. That is called a political blunder and if Iran keeps making such boneheaded moves even Russia and China will decide Iran is not a stable neighbor.