Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Barbarians

With the image on the left spreading across the Internet via Michelle Malkin and a frighteningly unguarded high school in California there are some questions being raised. Serious questions that the knock-kneed knaves in DC need to address.

AndyJ has been asking in posts wondering if all is lost yet what with all these La Raza protests. Or to borrow from the German 'Alles Kaput.'

I know what he is alluding to. The final downfall of the Roman Empire, contrary to some who think they became stupid due to lead poisoning, was the turning inwards of the Romans who made the real decisions while neglecting the tribes of barbarians various Emperors allowed to settle inside the Roman sphere but never integrated as they had been in centuries past. It was these tribes who wandered through the Roman body like cancer cells that weakened Rome enough for other tribes to finish off Rome and plunge all of Europe into the Dark Ages.

AndyJ is wondering if the United States is facing such a perilous time. Maybe. It all depends upon how many citizens of these United States truly love the country they live in. Ask the Cubans in Miami who still risk death to make it to these shores to escape a totalitarian hell. They love this country with a passion because they have already lost one beloved homeland. How many citizens who have been living in the US for generations, putting such hard times as the Potato Famine into the mists of time, can truly say they love this country? The love of country it seems has become passe except in the heartland and a few other pockets. It seems people have forgotten. And I think it is almost past time for the citizens to rediscover it is okay to love the United States even when acknowledging the faults that still need correcting.

Judging by the protestors in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other cities; it seems there are many who do not love this country while wanting all the priviledges. And who are also unwilling to forget/forgive their reasons to feel like victims. These people are the barbarians who have made it inside the gates of the United States and refuse to fully integrate. And because of various vested interests such integration was not encouraged nor were laws properly applied, so we have today pockets of illegal immigrants refusing assimilation while wanting to expand the impact of their foreign culture into the melting pot culture called the United States, demanding that the US respect their culture while calling for Aztlan and banding into bundes like La Raza or MS-13. If these had been Anglo people, CNN would be carrying stories of a new wave of Neo-Nazis were threatening the United States. But since they are Mexican; the media is strangely mute.

If the supposed champions of the rights of the people are silent, then it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to speak up and make their opinions known, forcefully if need be. To use a phrase taught in every typing class:
Now is the time for all good men to come to their aid of their country.


Anonymous said...

When you look at the marches and see the Mexican flag and signs reading "VIVA MEXICO" and Mexico this and Mexico that, one has to wonder if these Mexicans are so patriotic toward their country, what in the hell are they doing here? Their chant that we stole their land and should give it back really makes me laugh. OK, we give them back California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. What would happen then? They would make those states into the same sewer, stink hole of corruption and poverty that is the present Mexico and they would be illegally migrating to the other states just as they are doing now to escape what they are presently running away from.

When discussing our modern state of affairs with my brother, his comment, which I am more and more believing, is that third worlders will always be nothing but third worlders, no matter where they go. There is too much of a hold on these people by the tribalism in their society. Look around, where are the places with the most problems.....Africa and the Middle East are good examples. Heavy tribalism in both areas. Hate for neighboring tribes, vendettas that go back hundreds of years, abject poverty, disease and killings. And what is interesting is that these same areas are usually the richest in natural resources, rich enough to pull the country out of their misery. And I have no idea how this strangle hold can ever be broken.

Like ancient Rome, we are becoming a nation of small tribes of third worlders gathering in their own "villages" and refusing to assimilate into the mainstream.

The answer...........I have none. As long as we have politicians who are more worried about re-election and lining their own pockets and not the welfare of the country........we don't have a chance. And the sheep keep putting these creatures in office.

I give up


Mickey said...

remember the alamo