Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The No Class 'rats

Good music for this post, Grateful Dead singing. And that poor cow is still giving gasoline.

When Ronald Wilson Reagan finally passed away and was buried with full honors, it was dignified and heart wrenching at the same time as we bade farewell to a man who still believed that the US was a great country and taught many of us to once again believe such fanciful notions.

This past week we lost another great fighter for freedom, Coretta Scott King. Alas some of the guests acted more like the wastrels from 'The Taming of the Shrew' than respectful guests. If the Bard was alive today and had to chronicle the events that transpired, I think he would have written it as follows.

Friends, citizens of the world, Americans, lend me your ear
We come here not to praise a fine person, Coretta Scott King
But to bury George W. Bush. -- James Carter, ex-President

I just hope the Bard does not haunt me for mangling his famous lines. ;) But that is how I feel on the whole matter.


Anna said...

I was disgusted by that display of political slamming. It was completely inappropriate!

Anna said...

Anna, I so want Kat to show up and slap down the guests; to lecture them on manners.

Perhaps that will happen this November when a lot more moderate African-Americans vote their true feelings and not as this monolithic block the likes of Jesse Jackson takes for granted.

The only downside of that happening would be these far leftist stooges would finally come unglued, go underground, and think they can reform the Black Panthers.

Mike's America said...

Anna said to Anna on a post by Anna... I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

As I always feared, Anna has become talented, that she no longer needs us, the common peon commentators. She now writes and then comments on her writing and then answers her own comments. Time to sit back and enjoy the show. UNLESS..............her multiple personalities are starting to manifest themselves.


Anna said...

Well Mike should not be confused since it was his blog that linked me to Anna's By Any Other Name blog. :)

So no you are not seeing double, technically. *grin*