Thursday, February 09, 2006

Barking up a tree

I see on MSNBC a report where Abramoff says he met with President Bush a dozen times. The White House says the indicted lobbyist visited the White House three times for Hanukkah parties. A liberal activist group managed to leak personal emails from Abramoff and a friend of his, why does this stink?

If the media really wants to go after Bush and claim he is lying about not remembering Abramoff, then they better get ready to be fact checked to death when bloggers bring out Johnny Tree with his links to the Peoples Republic of China and his verifiable meetings with then President Bill Clinton while President Clinton rented out the Lincoln bedroom to raise campaign cash. Plus the amazing lack of recall Clinton exhibited about the whole matter. The same goes for Al Gore who attended a Buddhist temple in California where money from the PRC went into Democratic campaign coffers. But for a wholey other reason Al Gore better remain silent, after inventing the Internet he uttered the now very memorable line "No controlling legal authority" to try and explain away him using the official phone in the Vice President's office to solicit money for the Democractic Party instead of the Democratic Party supplied phone.

I will borrow from David Frum's book "The Right Man" and his evaluation of President George Bush.

In mid-March 2001, Bush signed a leftover Clinton-era order releasing billions of federal dollars to pay for the restoration of the Florida Everglades. The plan was for him to fly into Florida to take a bow. He took the flight all right -- but not the bow. "Today I signed an Everglades agreement with the state of Florida. It's legislation that passed prior to my time." .... He insisted on accuracy to the point of pendantry. If his schedule called for him to record a radio address in Washington to be broadcast during a visit to Claifornia the following day, nothing could induce him to say, "Today, I am in California." He would look up from the script in exasperation. "But I'm not in California." pages 13-14.

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