Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And now for something completely off-kilter

Michelle Malkin has a post up on Iran renaming Danish pastries as Mohammedan pastries in protest for those cartoons.

I have just one question. If showing pictures of Mohammed is against the Koran/Q'uran then how is this not blasphemous?

"Alarm! Ibrahim is eating another pastry named after the Prophet! Seize him!"

"What?" Sound of smacking lips followed by the licking of fingers. "This Mohammed pastry tastes great!"

.... Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


RightWingRocker said...

Oh brother ...

Will somebody please pass the Freedom Fries?


Anna said...

I'll take a hot croissant while you are up. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has this world gone COMPLETELY CRAZY? What more can we possibly do to prove human stupidity???

Anna said...

Three words: Senator Cindy Sheehan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna, I vomitited all over my keyboard. But could she be any worse than Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Turbin Durbin, McKinney or Clinton? I think that she would fit right in with the rest of them.


Anna said...

Oh I don't know. If she did get elected I think it would finally drive California so far left that Hawaii would be to the east of the Golden State.

Be interesting what the mid-term elections do the number of Demmocrats in both chambers.

Assuming we are not at war with Iran before hand.