Monday, January 02, 2006

The Killer Movie

The old BBC series Monty Python's Flying Circus had a sketch called The Killer Joke where if you told this one joke, the person listening would immeidately keel over dead. Last night, with friends, I saw what has to be the Killer Movie. Do not drink soda while watching this movie, you spray it innumerable times and greatly annoy the person sitting in front of you. Bring Depends if you insist on drinking beverages.

Mel Brooks, with excellent help, has re-invented his classic movie The Producers into a new version, a musical. Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman, Will Ferrell, and others create the most hilarious movie musical in history. Who else but Mel Brooks could think Hitler and World War II could be funny. There are just too many hilarious moments and scenes to recount them all, but here are a few. When Will Ferrell's character, the writer of the play Springtime for Hitler, in leiderhosen and German helmet who is busy sending carrier pigeons to Argentina, make Nathan and Matthew's characters swear the Siegfried oath they flash the one finger salutes while Will is not looking and then when Will gives them a Three Stooges style smack just below the stomach. Then there is Roger Elizabeth De Bris, the director that they manage to hoodwink into directing this supposedly sure-fire flop; we first see this legend of the stage getting ready to attend a costume party dressed in a dress that resembles the Chrysler Building and yes Roger is descended from a long line of English Queens.....

Go see this movie even if, when Uma Thurman's Ulla starts dancing like a latin bombshell of the 40s, you have no clue who Carmen Miranda is. This is money well spent. And pay attention to the pigeons! :)

"Springtime for Hitler and Germany...."


Myrtus said...

sounds hilarious! I want to find out about the pigeons. so I definitely have to see it. (;

Anna said...

It was hilarious. This movie fires broadsides at everything. Broderick's Leo Bloom is a gas once he starts clutching his little blue blankey when he gets anxious to his dreams of being a producer. Late in the movie Nathan Lane recaps the whole movie beautifully in a solo performance. Did not think Uma could sing and dance, but she does. Bewarned of the costumed women who appear just after these German peasants in Bavarian garb sing 'Springtime for Hitler' your sides will hurt laughing.

"Heil myself" ^_^