Monday, January 02, 2006

New Years Resolution

for the Democratic Party.

While middle of the road Democrats run for cover and Howard Dean and his unmerry band of doomsters cavort, like jesters suffering from St. Vitus Dance, for the far left fringe of the party. I offer the above cartoon as a gentle reminder from 1991 when the Party was demoralized and leaderless, a time later the party found that master triangulator Bill Clinton who rode into the White House for eight scandel plagued years. It is time to dump the donkeys leading you over the cliff and find a new team to hitch to your plow so you can have greener fields in the future.


The MaryHunter said...

Wait a minute, Anna, we don't want to be giving them Dems any idears now, do we? ; -)

I think that their leadership has been doing a rigtht fine, bang-up job.

Mike's America said...

Great cartoon. But the democrat have become such a self parody, cartooning hardly seems necessary.

I did find this good one:


Anna said...

TMH, I pick that cartoon more of a warning to anyone to the right of the current Democratic Party, which means moderate leftists all the way to extreme right-wing nutjobs. Because in 1991 everyone thought Bush would win re-election and the Democrats were out of the running. Funny how a year changed things. Do not count the Pelosi-reid Democrats out until the wooden stake is driven deep into their black hearts.

As for the Dmeocrats who are appalled at their leadership, it is time for a coup to take the party back. America needs two good parties just to keep each other in check. Unless they want that D behind their name to stand for Dodo.

And Mike, adding you to blogroll and that 'strategy' is classic liberalism. Promulgate all these rules handicapping your side and then expect to still emerge victorious.