Thursday, January 26, 2006

For we are Mongols

and dang proud of it.

Even as Google sells its principles for greater profits in Communist China, as LGF shows in this post, those pesky barbarian ideas like freedom and democracy are slipping through the new PRC controlled Great Google Wall. And I am happy for these ingenious people who are providing brave Chinese a truly unfettered Internet, which is something Google was founded to offer but has now betrayed for thirty pieces of silver.

How pervasive is this Internet censorship? Once again LGF comes to the rescue. Everyone in the West remembers Tiananmen Square and that one brave man who stopped that line of tanks. We also remember when the PLAN forces did attack, grab the protestors, and destroyed the statue dedicated to forbidden Western ideas like freedom. Here LGF gives one link showing how those in China using Google.china see Tiananmen while providing another link showing how the rest of the world remembers Tiananmen Square via the normal Google search engine.

Google, in the name of profits - I can hear Micheal Douglas gleefully intoning 'Greed is good,' is willing to let the Communist Chinese government keep its citizens ideologically isolated and enslaved. It is only by deeds like those in the first link that this can be stopped. For people who play in the stock market and have Google in your portfolio, do you really want to earn dividends off a company that abets evil? Do you?


DL said...

You'ree right on with the thirty pieces of silver

What you do to the least you do for Me

Anna said...

Well right now it is looking like Google will be called to testify in front of the House Sub-Committe on Human Rights in regards to this matter next month. Should prove interesting.