Saturday, January 28, 2006

At least Hamas is honest....

AP story on whether Hamas will amend its stance towards Israel.

Short version of their answer? No.

But the writer is an optimist: "But the world holds out hope that international pressure can make them more moderate."

I wonder how many Hellfire missiles Israel has? That is the only pressure Hamas understands.

Next sentence the writer completely blows it: At stake is the future of Mideast peacemaking, billions of dollars in aid and the Palestinians' relationship with Israel, the United States and Europe.

What is at stake, you incompetent nitwit, is the lives of millions of people hang in the balance, forget the money. Hamas wants to make the six million Jewish citizens of Israel dead, get that through your addled braincase. And the people of the Gaza Strip voted these murderers in, the stain of Cain is upon them along with whatever wrath that descends upon them in retribution for Hamas' actions.

And notice in the picture, all of Israel except the West Bank is green... that does not bode well either. Reminds me of that map of Israel that was at the UN that did not show Israel existing and the US Ambassador Bolton objected to.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the Arab world hates Israel so much because a people, the Jews, took a piece of desert, the same desert that they (the Arabs) live in and made it a thriving viable place to live while the desert that the Arabs live in is still a desert. Look at the accomplishments of the Jews in the last 50 years and compare it with the accomplishments of the Arabs in that same time. Notice any difference???

Anna said...

The Israelis have made a land of milk and honey while the Arabs have made a homicidal wasteland called Gaza.

And unfortunately Norway is going to deal with Hamas, thereby proving Quisling was not the distillation of the Norewegian appeasement gene.