Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blessed to be alive

and lucky the thief was such a bad shot.

From Yahoo! Canada news: BC thief shoots repeatedly.

A woman crashing at a friend's place I guess, with tykes in tow. She rouses because she hears a noise and goes downstairs to investigate. Whereupon she confronts an intruder. Then the intruder starts firing multiple shots at the woman and the infant in her arms. The intruder misses with all shots as the woman scrambles back upstairs where her son and the woman who owns the house continued to sleep. And as the intruder drives away in a Nissan Pathfinder, continues to shoot at cars.

So much for the $2billion gun registry helping to reduce gun-related crime. I am also left with many questions. Did the inept thief watch American gang movies to learn how to shoot? If so thank goodness Hollywood got things wrong, again. How did the owner of the house sleep through multiple gunshots and probably a lot of screaming from her houseguest?

This entire family and their friend are just so lucky to be alive. Lets hope the RCMP catches the thief as swiftly as they caught the suspected killer of Brigitte Seere just before he boarded a plane at Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that in actual gun fights with police and bad guys, many at almost arm's length, not many people are shot. Whitness the police and the Kehoe brothers. 2 police, 2 brothers, a multitude of shots and no one hit. From my experience, many if not most police are really bad shots, most having to qualify only once a year, and that's about the only time that they unholster their weapons.


RightWingRocker said...

Thank God for the Second Amendment. That's all I have to say.


DL said...

Andy says most polkice are bad shots -probably because they get their training with a radar gun

Anna said...

Look at how many shots it took the NYPD to kill that innocent homeless man a few years ago. If there is no regular training for snap-shot situations and fall into a pattern, well expect bullts to miss.

I think the thug here never expected to actually use the gun but was carrying it as insurance. Well he got confronted and reacted in panic because he never thought beyond I guess waving the gun at terrified victim. He needs to found and locked up before he actually kills someone.

RWR, yep if a thug enters one's house they will be carried out. The saying is: Better a jury of twelve than six carrying.